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The success of a project depends on the success of its tracking.

Use this template

Consolidate your data

This table will allow you to consolidate, homogenize, and synthesize your project’s information. Within the same table, manage and follow the progress of each project.

Gather your data in one platform. Keep track of project deadlines and reminders.

Easily set up automatic reminders to be kept informed of upcoming deadlines for each ongoing project. Receive an email reminder to keep you informed of the progress of your team.

Centralize your important documents.

An adaptable template to track your projects. Unlike Excel, add all contacts, documents, and other important attachments directly into your table. Users may collaborate in real-time so that everyone remains on the same page.

Construct the objectives of the project and the tasks of team members.

This table is designed to execute and track your projects. To optimize your projects, here are the steps to include a project tracking tool:

Define the project objectives 

You must visualize the project as a whole: size and cost, final objectives, skills and tools required, context, constraints, potential risks, core values, customer requirements, etc.

Follow the progress of those involved

RowShare is a tool designed to your needs. Sharing documents, exchanging information and managing task completion schedules made easy.

Create and recieve notifications for deadlines and reminders

Create a good start to your project, set up alerts that will send you reminders by email about upcoming deadlines (whether it is a kick-off, deliverables to be finalized, or a brief to study)

Define a logical series of the tasks and allocate resources

Today, most project managers use Gantt charts to depict their projects graphically and manage them in accordance with project management principles.

But before building your Gantt chart you need to establish a detailed project plan.

A project consists of a series of tasks related to each other. The logical order of tasks is not always obvious at first, and thinking through the order of the tasks can be a powerful planning process in itself. Of course, every project has a specific start date when, for instance, specifications are established, and an end date, which corresponds to the completion of the last scheduled task.

Assign the resources

Once you have laid out your tasks, you need to identify the resources needed to complete them.

The principle resources are usually:

  • Human resources, which include everyone working on the project
  • Material resources, supplied by the company or the client, that will be necessary to complete the project. These include such resources as software, transportation, and supplies and equipment.

Track the project

Tracking and follow-up is essential for the successful execution of a project: it is a way to organize all the elements that contribute to the best possible outcome.

A monitoring process should be developed to continuously drive activities and optimize them in case of problems or delays.

Be  organized  and work better with Rowshare

Help your team get organized, delegate tasks, and automate data processes without losing sight of the big picture.

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