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Ensure the organization of your project with this template.

Use this template

Collaborate in-real-time

Organize your documents and information

Specify the priority level of each task, highlight the roles of each collaborator thanks to the color lists.

Track project deadlines and updates

Receive Email Reminders

Add a reminder to receive an email automatically at the end of each action.  Modify deadlines and events in-real-time in case of advance or delay.

Centralize the documents and information of your projects.

Control access management

Assign ownership row-by-row to the collaborators of the project. While keeping an administrator view of the table, see changes and updates in-real-time.

The role of RowShare's project tracking table for project management

A project requires the planifications of different actions. Structure and organize these actions in RowShare. Manage and coordinate your project in record time.

The project manager s must ask themselves these questions while monitoring a project:

  • What are the main objectives?
  • Who will be involved in the project and what will their responsibilities be?
  • When does the project begin and end? Is there a possible margin of error? These dates will be determined within a given time frame. Why? Because, without the time constraints of deadlines, actions tend to be put off.
  • What are the priorities? Note down all the high-priority actions. Feel free to “rate” the actions based on priority criteria.

You will then be able start planning the content of your tracking table during a project meeting. RowShare can help you and your team to consolidate data, and define tasks clearly. Get started today!

Keep collaboration within your projects fast and simple.

Organize your team or organizations task management

RowShare facilitates the collaboration of those working on the project:

  • Promote sharing documents
  • Encourage creativity and emulation,
  • Leave feedback on tasks for effective exchanges between team members in the office or home.
  • Foster organization around the project

Allow members of your table to regularily update their tasks.

Keep project members informed

To achieve optimal group productivity, a team must unite their efforts towards a shared objective. The manager plays a crucial role in facilitating effective team communication by supplying strategic insights. By accomplishing this:

When the team is well-informed and engaged in the project, and the goals are transparent Efficient management guarantees that all individuals fulfill their assigned tasks

It is crucial to avoid scarce interactions between the manager and the team. Establishing regular team meetings encourages timely exchange of vital updates regarding ongoing projects.

Ensure clear communication.

Effective teamwork relies on the synchronization of all team members. Both employees and managers should take proactive measures to ensure that all stakeholders comprehend the information. Team members should promptly address any uncertainties. Managers, on the other hand, should rephrase instructions and tailor their communication based on the individuals involved. Pairing experienced and inexperienced team members can be beneficial.

In some cases, less experienced individuals may feel more at ease seeking assistance from a fellow team member rather than their manager. However, managers should remain available by allocating dedicated time slots in their schedule for team support. Regardless, managers should prioritize ensuring that the team fully understands the provided information.


How do I create my Project Tracking Table?

A user-friendly action monitoring table is a valuable tool.

The table should be easy to read, intuitive, and customizable to fit the project, as this increases its usability. A user-friendly design motivates users and enhances productivity.

The action tracking table provides a comprehensive overview of tasks and ensures that everyone remains focused on their strategic objectives. To access more detailed information about an action, you can include a “comments” column where employees can click and add additional notes. It is recommended to avoid making frequent modifications to the action tracking table once the tasks have been established. Regular updates during meetings are sufficient, avoiding unnecessary changes.

Asking the Right Questions for Effective Table Creation

To ensure the effectiveness and suitability of a project task management table, it is essential to consider a few key questions.

  1. What are the main deliverables and objectives? Identify the primary goals and objectives of the project.
  2. Who will be involved in the project and what are their responsibilities? A designated project manager is essential to oversee the project and determine the roles and responsibilities of each team member.
  3. When does the project start and end? Is there any flexibility in the timeline? Establish precise start and end dates for the project to avoid actions being continuously post-poned due to constraints.

Additionally, prioritize actions based on predetermined criteria.

During a project meeting, take the opportunity to plan and discuss the table content. Ensure that all employees are present, and each participant understands their objectives and tasks clearly.

Column categories examples:

Here are some examples of column categories to include in your table.

Action List:

Effectively manage and simplify project progress and follow-up by collaboratively maintaining an action list for your team.

Team Members:

List those involved in the project. This table section focuses on people directly engaged in the project. Grant full or partial access to collaborators.

Priority Level:

Indicate the priority level for each task and set up email reminders upon task completion for quick status updates.


Include specific task details to explain the responsibilities of each team member.

Attached Files:

Attach relevant documents necessary for understanding each task, such as a quote for event room rental.


Facilitate easy communication throughout the project without cluttering the table. Use this section to address issues or seek clarification from the project manager directly within each task.

A project plan acts as a roadmap, clearly outlining tasks, objectives, responsibilities, and deadlines for every project participant. Choosing the right chart template will help guide the entire team towards project success.

Be  organized  and work better with Rowshare

Help your team get organized, delegate tasks, and automate data processes without losing sight of the big picture.

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