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An Editorial Calendar Adapted to Your Social Network Monitoring.

How to Make an Editorial Calendar Free Trial

Plan Your Content

Time saving and plan strategically and efficiently in a secure online table. You can centralize messages, tasks, files, statistics, etc. in a single interface.

Effective Teamwork

Your teams will benefit from an optimal visibility on the different messages to be posted and their results. You can assign as many contributors to a table as you need. You can also limit access to each of them, to a certain number of people.

Assign Tasks

Each editor is responsible for managing his or her row and filling it in as it comes up. You have the possibility to assign the task to a particular editor. He or she will then receive a notification that a new assignment is waiting for him or her.

How to Make an Editorial Calendar Free Trial

How to Implement and Follow Your Editorial Calendar Precisely?

In the age of digital, content generation is more than ever part of a company’s web marketing strategy! Publish content certainly, but not just anyhow … The implementation of an editorial calendar structures a company’s communication and gives credibility to its brand image. It thus imposes its leadership on the market.

An Editorial Calendar to Improve External and Internal Communication

Setting up a calendar is essential for an editorial strategy. With a well-prepared editorial schedule, a marketing manager can more easily manage the editorial team. The team must choose topics carefully well in advance of publication, to ensure consistency in the company’s editorial line, which helps to attract more targeted traffic. Often blog articles are written and edited by more than one person, which makes coordinated internal communication essential. The content itself must comply with the editorial schedule: regular posts signal the company’s commitment, as well as establishing connection with loyal readers. Finally, search engine algorithms measure the frequency and regularity of posts and use that data to naturally reference the website. So a carefully scheduled roster of planned content posts is an effective way to get good positioning on Google!

A Collaborative Tool for an Optimized Editorial Strategy

Putting the editorial calendar into a collaborative table facilitates the management of the marketing team. Team members can see the tasks that have been assigned to them. Managers and staff can see the progress of deliverables. The marketing manager can decide to give project-specific access to different team members or share the entire calendar with the whole team. For example, one team member can be delegated to oversee publication of all blog articles. With a collaborative table it is easier to monitor the posts of different social media platforms and to make sure you don’t skip any posts.

The marketing manager can use the “number of views” column to track the number of views per published article. This data can be used to analyze the success of each post and adjust the editorial strategy accordingly.

Maintaining an editorial calendar is a perfect solution for marketing departments wishing to improve their productivity, increase their targeted traffic, and convert more readers. Plan your blog posts and social media content posts using RowShare’s tailored collaborative tables!

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