Table Templates for Marketing

With RowShare, Automatize Your Marketing Tasks and Save Time.

RowShare is an easy-to-use collaborative tool optimized for work as a team. For marketing, in particular, you can describe the various steps of a marketing project, include a calendar of key tasks with descriptions, the person in charge, deadlines, a visual progress bar, indication of the status, plus attached documents such as briefs and images.

Once you find the table or survey template you want, you can customize them to fit your company so they will fully meet your expectations, and find them in your business account.

Marketing Table Templates Ready To Use in Only a Few Clicks:

Discover All Tables for Marketing:

Tracking Media Coverage

Record and share your organization’s media coverage with clients and within your organization.

Webinar Planner

Plan a successful webinar with this example developed by SO’xperts.

Blog Editorial Calendar

Plan your article publication with this template from SO’xperts.

Marketing Plan 

Manage your marketing activities with this template from SO’xperts.

B2B Marketing KPIs

A list of 15 B2B marketing performance indicators from SO’xperts.

Marketing Budget  

Effectively manage your marketing budget with this template from Beautiful Numbers.

Marketing Action Plan

Manage your marketing tasks and activities within your marketing team.

Event Registration

Centralize information filled by participants on a simple online form.

Social Media Plan

With this table, you will be able to plan posts for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or another social

Create a Detailed Content Brief

A great content brief is an essential part of your content creation process.

Plan a Point of Sale Display

Manage Point of Sale Display

Manage and monitor POS Campaigns in stores.