What Is a Marketing Action Plan?

Do You Have a Product or Service You Want to Promote?

After studying the market, your position in the market, and the way your marketing strategy will make you stand out from the crowd, you will create an operational marketing plan that is decisive and clrearly identifies the resulting actions.

Reinforce your reputation Here is the main marketing action plan that you set up to develop your reputation, your incoming leads, and therefore your business. First, if you are launching an innovative concept or a new product: promote it through a success story!

A success story is a good way to attract the attention of the audience.

Business creation is a subject and journalists are eager to report on a “success story”.

Tell your story by giving precise figures, telling funny anecdotes, and describing how you signed your first client or won a particular price anything relevant that contributed to the success of the company. Add your comments and keep your reader in suspense.

Then contact different media such as the daily press, business’ magazines. Any kind of media that seems relevant to you. Create a database that details all the journalists you have spoken to, so that you can update and grow your media contacts with medias.

Create a Customer Database

Invite all your contacts, who are potentially interested in your activity, to subscribe to your newsletter, in order to

  • Receive preview information
  • Test the beta version of your product before anyone else
  • Take advantage of free trial offers
  • Benefit from discounts

Do not hesitate to collect all the relevant emails that belong to your future or potential clients.

Beware: before using those emails, it is imperative to obtain the consent of the customers you want to send your newsletters to. This is especially the case since the new GDPR regulations came into effect.

Create a Site With a Relevant Content

Having a presence all over the internet has become an unavoidable requirement, no matter your business does.

Even if you do not sell your products directly on Internet, your clients need to be able to:

  • Find your location
  • Discover your offers and the story of the company,
  • Get in touch with you via a contact form or other communication mechanisms.
  • Without a website, you could miss out on loads of opportunities.

But that is not enough, You also need relevant content that gives credibility to your message and promotes your SEO through a blog. The more your website and your blog are referenced in the browser search tools, the more you optimize visits. If you have already made a presentation video of your company or your project, do not hesitate to insert it directly on your home page. These videos are generally catchy and improve the appearance of your website.

Use Social Selling

Developments in marketing and the explosion of the internet have led to the emergence of social selling, a one-on-one prospecting methodology that requires knowledge such as:

  • The targets, usually referred to as a “buyer persona”,
  • Their buying behavior
  • Their motivations

Thanks to social media, it is now possible to identify potential leads within your own network and relay content to generate interest (referred to as “earned media”).

Each profile visit can be viewed as an invitation to engage a discussion.

Make videos. This is the Second most used search tool after Google, YouTube is a great way to optimize your SEO and therefore your visibility through the use of videos for:

  • Presentation of your company, its values, your team, your locations
  • Feed your image of experts: relay your conferences, interviews, meetups, etc.
  • Improve the user experience: multiply “how to” tutorials videos about using a product or service.
  • Show the satisfaction of your customers: with testimonial videos.

Don’t forget to include some links to redirect the viewer to the company’s website.

Take advantage of the SEA Another means of quickly increasing the number of visits on your website is to buy keywords (SEA, or Search Engine Advertising). Obviously, more the keywords will be searched, the more expensive it will be, as you will pay by the number of clicks on this keyword, These sponsored advertisements appear in first position on the search engine, before the natural traffic.

Of course, all your actions are part of your marketing action plan and must be tracked within a schedule, the allocated budget and the expected objectives and metrics.

On the same topic, discover how the metrics presented in the marketing dashboards allow you to measure the effectiveness of your actions.

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