How to Choose

the Right Tools and

Software in Marketing?

Is Marketing Art or Science?

Marketing is both considered as a science and an art that allow the company to offer its products or services to build customer loyalty, hence strategy, creativity and organization has to be handled.
Manage a lot of tasks with your marketing team can be tricky but a collaborative tool would help you to manage tasks more easily.

In a marketing team we notice several roles:

  • The director is in charge of the strategies management and lead the marketing team
  • A content marketer that has to create creative content
  • The customer support has to assist customers etc.

As you can see, each team member has a proper role and tasks to handle, so a powerful collaboration between team members is a must.

In the modern workplace, teamwork is one of the most essential aspect, thus for the effectiveness, companies has to use technologies that help co-workers wherever they are to share and collaborate quickly.

Collaborative tools are truly useful. Indeed, it really improves employees productivity and overall business success, and this is what we will focus on, on this article.

Get a Collaborative Tool to Transform The Way You Work

Plenty of tools are available on the collaborative software market, so you have to find the right one, that suits the best with your needs. One of the most famous is Google with its online spreadsheet ‘Google sheet’. This tool is collaborative because it allows several people to work at the same time and on the same document.

Thanks to these tools, team members are now able to work together wherever they are and whenever they want as soon they have an internet connection. Working comfortably on the same project, with different people has never been easier. For instance, co-workers won’t have to be worried if they are out of the office for a business trip, they will have complete access of the document if they are invited to.

Online spreadsheets such as google sheet are for sure efficient, but it has their limitation in terms of data sharing. Indeed, many of them, doesn’t allow you to control what you share your data with your team members. Let illustrate that with a simple example :

If the spreadsheet contain sensitive informations or personal details about some of the collaborators, you won’t be able to hide them. Besides, it also limits users when they want to edit the same file at the same moment, as matter of fact, we have all faced that issue : “This file is lock for editing by another user”.

Collaboration can rhyme with privacy, you just have to pick the right tool.

Manage Your Marketing Budget

A marketing action plan table will allow you to collaborate in real time with your marketing team. With the tables, you can have a quick overview on all marketing team tasks on a defined period with all the ensued responsibilities, deadlines, status or eventual comments.
You can set a marketing budget and create a budget column to manage the overall expenses for the project.

Marketers has to know how to deal with impromptu decisions, restart promotional campaigns, launch new campaigns etc., and often within the same budget. A good management of the budget is then necessary.Organize the budget by objective and by quarter, and feel free to assign each budget row to a user. He will then be in charge of updating the row according to the actual expenses.

It encourages transparency and visibility and a good financial management.

Elaborate a Clear Marketing Strategy

Use the calendar to have a quick overview on the ongoing and upcoming marketing tasks to see if your marketing strategy is going well.  In addition, of this feature, you can centralize the progression of the marketing efforts, the priority tasks to execute and each row owner’s role.

What do you need to do tomorrow?

Too often we make plans or list objectives and then get so enmeshed in all the things we have to do to run our businesses that we shunt them aside.

Taking fifteen minutes a day to review your marketing objectives, marketing plan, and marketing activities goes a long way towards helping you stay focused and on track and market your products or services effectively.

Manage your marketing tasks

Using a good collaborative software, is a must in the marketing field. Indeed, there are so many elements to focus on and work on, hence for an optimization of time and efficiency, it is well advised to use such tools.

Easy, simple and quick, use them, so that you will no longer have to schedule long meeting to entrust tasks to you collaborators. All the documents you need can be transferred directly into the software, and collaborators who have access can review or make any changes they feel it is necessary to do. It clearly eases teamwork and guarantee a powerful workflow on a project for example.

  • Each member have access to the document to add, edit or review it
  • Each member can see all the contents or only those which belongs to him
  • All the members can keep track of the progression of the project

Present your marketing plan

The marketing plan is the first step, it is the root of your marketing strategy. To present and explain clearly your action plan, using a collaborative working space is preferable. Indeed, you can share it immediately and get all the feedback you need. Besides, the fact that it is a visual document, it will help the understanding. For an action plan it is important to ask yourself :

  • What will be done ?
  • When will it be done ?
  • Who is in charge of the tasks ?
  • How much should the company spend on each task ?

All these questions can be answered through a collaborative software. Indeed, its main function is to ease the management of a project, hence, all these aspects are covered by the tool.

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