We have a habit of saying that RowShare is a collaborative table and not a spreadsheet. But… what do we mean by “collaborative table”? A table is the most natural interface for managing information. It’s just a set of rows and columns. But you might say that this is also the case for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. RowShare offers a set of features to make collaboration easier. For example, you can cite notifications, concurrent access, privacy rights for lines, and much more. Today, a new type of column will complete this list to manage reminders and deadlines. Later on, when a line reaches the due date, an email will be sent out automatically to the owner of the table:

If you’d also like the employee in question to receive this notification, all you have to do is assign the line to them. That’s right, reminders are also sent out to the owners of the lines in the table. By using this new type of column, your tables will naturally remind you of the deadlines linked to your tasks or objectives. This is really practical for an action plan when managing a project or monitoring tasks on a daily basis. Start creating your own online collaborative tables now!