Your blog is the cornerstone of your content. Manage it well by creating a editorial Calendar to store all important details: past and upcoming articles, authors, platforms published on and article reach.

To help you manage your publishing schedule and easily track interactions in real-time, marketing consulting firm SO’xperts has shared this collaborative online table.


Monitor activity on your blog

Use this collaborative table to record useful information before and after publishing each article. At a glance, find details about who wrote what, when where the article was shared (newsletter, social media).

Collaboration simplified

Let your blog authors know which upcoming articles need to be written by adding their email to the table, or let them insert rows proposing their own ideas.

From there, each author is responsible for updating their own row. After the article is published, add a link to the post and note the number of views.

Try this free table now, or personalize the template to suit your needs.

Sophie Callies, founder of SO’xperts, describes the added value of using RowShare:
Your blog should have its own dashboard! RowShare makes it possible not only to share the editorial calendar with authors, but also to monitor article performance in real-time and brainstorm new ideas for content.