To demonstrate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and to improve them over time, you must continuously evaluate your marketing strategies and actions. With this online collaborative table, B2B marketing consulting firm SO’xperts provides you with 15 key performance indicators for evaluating your performance while monitoring it in real-time.

Measure what matters

With your team, select the indicators from the template that will measure your goal attainment. You can easily go beyond the indicators we’ve listed here and add one or two additional KPIs for a comprehensive and personalized dashboard.

Your online dashboard

Project managers, marketing officers, webmasters, community managers, sales—each team member manages the row(s) of a relevant indicator and provides the values, degree of goal attainment and, if applicable, useful links for further examination. This free table is ready to use with or without further personalization. Why RowShare? Sophie Callies, SO’xperts founder, explains:
Defining and monitoring KPIs is a major marketing lever. This tool makes it possible to distribute kpi management among all the right people and create a true collaborative space.