The marketing action plan is a crucial element of managing a team while also tracking campaigns and marketing impact. SO’xperts, a marketing consultant firm, has designed this template for an online collaborative table that allows you to quickly and effectively manage your plan.   7-Useful-Tips-for-Developing-Your-Sales-and-Marketing-Strategy    

A marketing actions calendar

This table provides a monthly overview of completed, ongoing and upcoming marketing tasks. In addition to centralizing the progression of marketing efforts, this table indicates the task priority and row owner’s role, such as product manager, web marketer and digital communications manager.  

Collaborate online

Come together as a team to create or revise your monthly or weekly marketing plan. After that, each team member can manage and update the progress and priority of their rows in the marketing plan. Try it now! Use the template as is or personalize it.
Sophie Callies, founder of SO’xperts describes the benefit of using RowShare: All marketing plans and strategies end up as an action plan, usually made in PPT or Excel. But that makes it difficult to follow the plan in real-time and share it both with other internal teams and with external providers. The collaborative aspect of this RowShare turns an obstacle into a lever of productivity.