A smart employee list to increase productivity

Are you a fast-developing start-up or small company? If so, you must set up certain organizational processes to structure and manage activities without resorting to complex business applications or specific development.

Above all, you will need to be agile, flexible, and proactive.

Let’s take the example of personnel management, a domain that requires a regularly updated file of all the company’s employees. It’s not that easy to maintain, and the bigger the company gets, the more complicated it gets. It answers questions like “When did he join us?” “I don’t have his IBAN.” and “He moved, didn’t he?”

Wouldn’t it be a dream to simply collect and centralize staff information in a confidential list of employee, store documents, and automate the production of recurring documents such as employment contracts or references from past employers?

Collecting and centralizing information

Even before a new employee arrives, you already need some information to prepare the tax forms and other HR materials and this information will be useful throughout the duration of your new hire’s employment.

Having the information in an email is good, but having it in a shared but secure file that everyone can not only fill in and also update, is so much better. Of course, intelligent rights management is required so that only authorized persons can see all the information in an individual’s file.

Collecting and storing the necessary documents

You’d prefer not to have to go fishing for documents, risk forgetting to remind your employees about this or that paperwork, file the piles of documents that accumulate on your desk, or have to archive old files because you are running out of space.

You just have to set up an online table with a “File” column and you can retrieve and centralize all the documents you need.

You can store everything in a secure space in the cloud, avoiding uncontrolled access to confidential information by unauthorized employees, a recurrent risk in companies.

A quick glance at the table tells you if you are missing a key document, so you can call the person and fill the gap. And you have immediate access to documents without having to search through a stack of files. You can even store a photo for each employee and view the file directly in your table.

Generate your documents automatically

Creating and recreating the same documents, sometimes making errors when copying and pasting, takes a lot of time and does not give you any particular satisfaction.

RowMerge is an exclusive feature of RowShare that automatically creates documents from a table’s data and a document template.

This feature can be used, for example, to automate the creation of reports, letters, contracts … You can generate unique documents from several of your table rows or generate a document for each row in your table.

With a productive and structured tool, you can also manage the training schedule, your employees’ vacations, and the performance reviews of all your organization’s employees.

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