A Table For an Efficient Sales Follow-Up

Visualize Your Business Activity

Table template to keep track of your business appointments Free Trial

Organize Your Business Meetings

Once the elements are centralized in the table, the salesperson only has to consult the table to decide on his next actions. In this way, he can readjust his strategy at any time.

Follow-up of your Business Activity

Centralize the information related to your prospects and the actions you take. The use of a direct link to prospects’ social networks makes navigation easier and saves time. As a manager, you can visualize the global sales activity of your team thanks to the collaborative tool whose access rights are controlled only by you.

Schedule Appointment Reminders

Program reminders, very useful for not forgetting a reminder or to confirm an appointment. All appointments are collected in a single table. The sales manager has access to all the information, but each employee sees only his own. If you wish, you can allow everyone to see each other’s appointments (with or without the possibility of modifying them).

Table template to keep track of your business appointments Free Trial

Why organizing the commercial follow-up within an online table

The first good reason to organize the follow-up of a sales appointment is to prevent the loss of information as much as possible. This prospect data is rare because it is difficult to obtain and takes time to identify. The second reason is to save a considerable amount of time by optimally managing these sales appointments. The management of your team’s sales appointments is therefore an essential part of the activity of your sales perimeter. This optimization immediately reflects the seriousness of your company. In case of a specific event (trade show, conference), you can also choose to authorize access to a selection of your team members to the contacts of the companies present at the event. Our RowShare tool adapts to any type of request to create your commercial tables.

Our clients talk about Rowshare
  • “The most important thing that resolved us to use Rowshare was in one hand, the easiness of use and in the other hand the simple way to handle permissions and groups of users, something that was a must for us.”

  • ” In addition to saving time and improving the quality of our business information, RowShare brings peace of mind to our partners and enhances our business relationship with them. You can’t put a price on that!”

  • “We tried Excel, Google Sheets and Airtable, but they didn’t do the job with regards to letting users see only a part of the table while we see everything. Only RowShare could do that.”

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