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Evaluate The Level of Goal Achievement

Quickly View The Total Number of Sales per Seller.

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Assignment and Row Access Rights

You start the table with the objectives of each one and then assign each row to the salesperson concerned. They can then enter their monthly turnover in complete confidentiality. Only you have a consolidated view of all the sales representatives.

Automated Calculation

Targets and monthly revenue are summed up automatically, allowing you to quickly view the monthly figure to see if it is above or below the target. Achievement of the objective is automatically calculated thanks to the type of column calculated, which allows you to indicate the desired formula.

Visual Column Type

Thanks to the type of column ‘visual’ and ‘rating’, a star is awarded for every 25% of lens achievement which makes the performance very visual at a glance.

Monitoring table and achievement of objectives

Free Trial

Set the record straight for tracking your salespeople's results

Enjoy an annual view of the forecast and actual figure of all your sales representatives.
In complete confidentiality, they will be able to update the turnover of each month. While controlling the activity on a monthly basis, quickly visualize the number of sales overall and by sales representative.
An objective is the final result, it is important to put in place the necessary tools to achieve this result. This table model will be able to highlight the results of the sales representatives with a follow-up of the progress towards this objective to be reached.
Management by objectives is a motivating activity, which allows you to see your own progress and that of the team. Attention it is important to follow up regularly in order to adjust your strategy if necessary.

Monitor Goal Achievement Free Trial
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