Table Templates for Sales

Optimize Sales Management with RowShare

A single tool to centralize all information about your sales activities from sales predictions to simulating commissions and calculating potential profits, and more.

Everyone can easily contribute to the table within the limits of the rights allocated to them. RowShare can streamline processes and help to gain productivity and efficiency, boosting motivation in your teams.

Once you find the table or survey templates right for you, you can customize them to fit your company so they can fully meet your expectation and integrate them into your business space.

Table Templates for Sales in a Few Clicks:

Discover All Tables for Sales:

Goal Attainment

Set targets and measure the goal attainment.

Lead Tracking

Easily track and qualify new leads.

Meeting Manager

Record your professional appointments and useful information for comprehensive meeting tracking.

Contact List

Create a contact list and automatically generate visitor’s passes in vCard format.

Margin Tracker

Gather sales and cost information. Measure and compare expected and actual Margin.

Pipeline Tracker

Present your opportunities better in a table that allows you to include all relevant information.

Sales Commission Calculation

Automate the calculation of account manager’s incentive!

Sales Forecast Tracker

Allow Sales reps to input their forecast and track attainment.


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