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Track your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investments

Gather data from your portfolio companies

Use this template to track your investments Free Trial


Single Central Real-Time Dataset

No more copy and paste, and looking for the last email from each company!

The data from your portfolio companies is fed in live into a central datasheet that your team can access, review and challenge.


Straightforward to implement and to use

We offer a list of predefined ESG criteria that you can ask use with your portfolio companies.

Not only you can easily waive the ones you don’t need, but it is super easy to add your custom ones. We can even do it on your behalf if your don’t want to do any customization by yourself.

And for your portfolio companies, it couldn’t be easier : they fill an online table and the data is automatically shared with you.


Each piece of data is available to the right audience

Your portfolio companies will submit their data at your desired rhythm (monthly, quarterly…) in their own secured connexion.

Within your team, you decide who can access all your portfolio data, and who should only see their own subset, whether it’s based on a set of indicators or on a subset of the portfolio companies.

Use this template to track your investments Free Trial

Tracking ESG Data: Why and How?

Investors show a growing interest in investing in financial products that monitor and follow ESG criteria. According to a report from US SIF Foundation, investors held $11.6 trillion in assets chosen according to ESG criteria in early 2018, up from $8.1 trillion in early 2016.

Funds need to monitor their portfolio companies attention and efforts in Environment, Social and Governance. If business numbers are historically very well managed and monitored, ESG data is not always as well treated.

The right solution should be easy to implement and to use, and cost-effective while guaranteeing absolute confidentiality for the surveyed companies.

Our clients talk about Rowshare
  • “The most important thing that resolved us to use Rowshare was in one hand, the easiness of use and in the other hand the simple way to handle permissions and groups of users, something that was a must for us.”

  • ” In addition to saving time and improving the quality of our business information, RowShare brings peace of mind to our partners and enhances our business relationship with them. You can’t put a price on that!”

  • “We tried Excel, Google Sheets and Airtable, but they didn’t do the job with regards to letting users see only a part of the table while we see everything. Only RowShare could do that.”

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