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Team Task Manager - Project Template - RowShare

Communicate and organize. One step ahead.

With RowShare, be more efficient. Simplify project management with RowShare by reducing interference, the stress of tight deadlines and the race for information. Get your projects up and running !

Clarify and visualize. For better anticipation.

With RowShare, get the visibility you need. RowShare allows you to set up and clarify information with colorful lists and tasks delegation to identified team members. Get the big (and up-to-date) picture !

Projet Portfolio - Project Template - RowShare
Bug Tracker - TIcket Trasking Template - RowShare

Engage and motivate. Don’t harass.

With RowShare, enhance business agility. RowShare keeps team members informed, sends reminders, assigns tasks and allows you to keep track of their progress and engagement. Projects are in good hands : yours.


How Secom manage their projects with RowShare ?

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In order to keep track of all ongoing and future actions, our CEO needed to regroup all roadmaps in one single table and ensure synergy between managers.

How RowShare is helping you ?

Thanks to RowShare, we optimized our processes concerning the roadmaps of our managers. But we were able to implement other follow-ups that proved to be essential. Thanks to RowShare we maintained good collaboration and efficient feedback. We like that we can centralize up-to-date information and give access simultaneously to several collaborators with different settings. A perfect blend of privacy and efficiency.

How much time are you saving ?

Without a doubt, the platform saved us both time and money. Extracting rows from Excel spreadsheets is no longer necessary. Now there is only one roadmap fill in by various stakeholders. We have extended our follow-up with new tables. We keep our information confidential thanks to the settings

Project Managers and their favorite templates

We help you customize your templates. Enjoy a tailor-made tool. Truly.

Team Task Manager - Project Template - RowShare

Team Task Manager

Manage and delegate tasks with a collaborative list.

Project Progress - Project Table Templates - RowShare

Project Progress

Visualize the project of each ste of a project.

Projet Portfolio - Project Template - RowShare

Project Portfolio

Use this thorough and organized approach to track your ongoing projects

Mobile App Project - Project Template - RowShare

Mobile App Development

Successful mobile app project start with this template

Bug Tracker - TIcket Trasking Template - RowShare

Bug Tracker

Quickly find, record and track bugs in order to fix them.

Incident Tracker - TIcket Trasking Template - RowShare

Incident Manager

Efficiently monitor and track the lifecycle of technical incidents.

And also …

weekly planner - Project Template - RowShare

Weekly planner

Plan your upcoming tasks and manage your time efficiently.

Document Tracker - Project Template - RowShare

Document Tracker

Gather your files as well as all related information.

IT Project Management - Project Template - RowShare

IT Project Management

Manage your IT projects with this table.

Collaborative, simple and reliable.

RowShare is the first spreadsheet designed especially for managing projects and organizing administrative tasks.

RowShare simplifies and automates HR, project management and sales processes for small to medium businesses, as well as certain departments of large companies. We help companies transition their operational management, thanks to collaborative, simple, and trustworthy software, with a human touch.