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Are you looking for a way to manage your data? Improve your efficiency and workflow. Discover Smart data collection by RowShare.

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Centralize your data in one table.

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Notifications in real-time

✔️ Receive deadline reminders and progress updates

✔️ See deadlines in the Calendar view

Share Line-by-Line

✔️ No more sending spreadsheets back and forth.

✔️ Privately input data, accessible by a centralized view.

More than an Excel Spreadsheet

Organize your data in a clean and structured way to easily collaborate, categorize, and visualize your data.

Centralize your date how you want to in a single table. On top of that, avoid refreshing and searching endless spreadsheets for the data you want to find.

Features of RowShare
RowShare Categorize data

Structure your data by any category

✔️ Ensure the quality of your data

✔️ Easily visualize it

Identify trends efficiently, make comparisons, and enhance decision-making.

Automatic data consolidation

Centralize data from databases, spreadsheets, cloud storage, and more.

RowShare allows users to seamlessly connect and automate workflows between different software applications, enabling collaboration and efficient data synchronization.

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human customer service and support for data collection

At the Heart..

Human support and

       Coaching solutions.

Our clients choose RowShare for our expertise and adaptability to your needs, regardless of company size. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.

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Why RowShare?

RowShare is for everyone, not just those who use spreadsheets, by letting you analyze your work the way you want. Collect, Visualize, and Collaborate on one single table. Users can merge their Excel files, Analyse, and Visualize data.

Why stop there?

Discover the power of a single table for your data. Analyze and visualize your data using easy-to-use features.

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