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Unlock the Power of Data Analysis.

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More than an Excel Spreadsheet.

Use our “analyze by” feature and others to easily categorize and visualize your data.

On top of that, avoid refreshing and searching endless spreadsheets for data. Organize your data how you want to in a single table.

Features of RowShare
Instantly Up to data

Structure your data how you want it.

Always up-to-date.

Maintain up-to-date data for numerical or graphical analysis.

Discover how businesses of all sizes use RowShare to analyze data here.

Connect all your everyday tools.

Finished centralizing your data?

RowShare lets you connect other tools to automate your tasks through Excel, Zapier, Microsoft Teams, PowerBI, Outlook, and More.

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Why RowShare for your data solution?

RowShare is for everyone, not just those who use spreadsheets, by letting you analyze your work the way you want. Collect, Visualize, and Collaborate on one single table. Users can merge their Excel files, Analyse and Visualize their data.

Why stop there?

Discover the power of a single table for your data. Analyze and visualize your data using easy-to-use features.

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