Manage a Project with an Adapted Tracking Software

To manage a project effectively from A to Z, it is important to choose tools that will help you and your team move forward strategically.

Project management software usually refers to a tool that assists you in the follow-up of your projects, on both a strategic and an operational level.

Introduce your team to these tools by offering them training sessions that will explain the use of planning tools for different purposes: from task management through a Gantt chart, to the management of the resources, including coordination and communication, that are essential to the successful tracking of your project. It is important that your employees feel comfortable with these software solutions so that they won’t feel lost and will be as efficient as possible in their work.

Plan and Monitor Your Project

When you are starting a major project, you have to identify all the steps you have to complete to achieve the stated goal. Thus, you have to make sure to break the whole project down into clear, measurable tasks.

Here is an example of the steps project management software will help you to identify:

  • Define the objectives of the project
  • Break them down and define the tasks for each member of the project
  • Define a logical sequence of tasks (Gantt chart)
  • Assign the resources

Ensure project tracking by using the project tracking calendar

Why Use a Project Tracking Chart?

It is important to update your project tracking table frequently to keep the project on track and inform all the collaborators, especially when they are not located in same place. For instance, a project between an agency and a client needs constant review of the plan and regular follow-up. In that way, the whole team will have a clear understanding of the progress of the project. Project tracking is critical to provide a clear overview of the project’s progress and pinpoint the areas that need careful scrutiny.

Lay out your project with an ergonomic, simple dashboard, using a ready-to-use project plan template. This will allow you to track your projects efficiently. In the blink of an eye you’ll be able to follow:

  • The progression of the project and the assigned tasks
  • Your team’s performance
  • The workload
  • The time spent per task and whether deadlines are being missed

Ensuring optimal progress on your project requires that you be focused and proactive. Our recommendation is to use project management software that enables you to monitor your project effectively. You will know what was done and what has to be done, or what needs to be changed. Usually, visual indicators help the tracking, understanding, and interpretation of the project you are working on.

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