A spreadsheet, as powerful as a database

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share your spreadsheet line by line

Share line by line. And keep control.

With RowShare, share your spreadsheet without revealing all information. Decide who can see what, line by line. Decide what information can be added, deleted or edited, column by column. Manage access settings in one click, by group or by individual.

Customize your spreasheets easily.

Discover all our templates. Ready-to-use tables you can customize and adapt to your specific needs in just a few clicks. Use our wide range of column types to highlight your information and implement seamless workflows.

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Integrate rowshare with your tools

100% integrated with your favorite tools.

RowShare integrates with hundreds of applications : connect RowShare with your tools for powerful processes. Are you using Microsoft Teams to collaborate ? Access and modify your spreadsheets straight from your channels or your chats with RowShare App available on Teams.

Automatically generate documents.

Contracts, official documents, reports, press review. Generate documents based on a custom document template and the information gathered in your tables. No more copy-paste !

generate automatically your documents
Your reports created easily

Run reports. For key insights on your data.

With just a few clicks select the data you want to visualize. And turn it into charts! Group your data by categories, create dynamic charts, generate pivot tables and download them for your presentations. If it’s not enough for you, connect RowShare to your familiar reporting platform.

And as always, we’re available to help you if needed.

Delegate tasks. But keep track of their progress.

Assign tasks to team members and coworkers without losing the overview of projects and workflows. Keep track and get the big (and up-to-date) picture !

collaborate with your team by assigning tasks
access your spreadsheets wherever you are

Accessible everywhere. All the time.

Access your spreadsheets no matter where you are with the mobile version. Find useful information anywhere, collect relevant data where it is.

Discover our templates, we help you customize them.

Team Task Manager - Project Template - RowShare

Team Task Manager

Manage and delegate tasks with a collaborative list.

Project Progress - Project Table Templates - RowShare

Project Progress

Visualize the project of each ste of a project.

Projet Portfolio - Project Template - RowShare

Project Portfolio

Use this thorough and organized approach to track your ongoing projects

Mobile App Project - Project Template - RowShare

Mobile App Development

Successful mobile app project start with this template

Bug Tracker - TIcket Trasking Template - RowShare

Bug Tracker

Quickly find, record and track bugs in order to fix them.

Incident Tracker - TIcket Trasking Template - RowShare

Incident Manager

Efficiently monitor and track the lifecycle of technical incidents.

Collaborative, simple and reliable.

RowShare is the first spreadsheet designed especially for managing projects and organizing administrative tasks.

RowShare simplifies and automates HR, project management and sales processes for small to medium businesses, as well as certain departments of large companies. We help companies transition their operational management, thanks to collaborative, simple, and trustworthy software, with a human touch.