Create Tables, Share and Modify it Together. Simple and Efficient!

Structure all your data within Tables offering selective visibility to all people involved on the project.

Create a Table

Discover how RowShare’s features can help you with many of your tasks and meet your specific needs, facilitating collaborative work.

Be Inspired by Existing Templates

Rowshare offers a catalog of ready-to-use table templates, whether it’s to follow-up on the progression of a project, establish an inventory, edit an employee list, etc.

This catalog is a source of inspiration. You can copy, paste and then edit an existing template, or create your own.

Browse our templates

Work Within a Collaborative Space

RowShare’s collaborative tables are made for sharing!

The tables are organized to facilitate a collaborative work, each user will be able to complete the table with Pictures, documents, videos etc

With a focus on allowing you to work in teams for increased productivity.

Thanks to our collaborative tool, multiple users can work simultaneously on the same table.

At the same time, you get complete control over the way you share your data. Not only can you share your tables with whoever you want, you can also choose exactly which rows you want to share. Complete and simple access control.

Create Tables With Style

Feeling limited by text and numbers? Rowshare offers much more to make your tables useful and trendy. Here’s a selection of our available column types.

RowMerge : Create Documents With Ease

Automatically generate contracts, certificates, listings, invoices, quotes and more. All your documents can be automatically created from your personalized templates and the information stored in your RowShare tables. No more copy-paste mistakes!

Advanced Features

Make use of RowShare’s many advanced features in your tables, notably automatically calculated values.
RowShare’s “calculated columns” contain formulas based on values in other cells in the same row.
Add a “calculated value” column and specify the formula in the column’s parameters. Yes, this means that the formula will always be the same in a specific column.

Login with your professional login (RowShare Business)
You can sign in to RowShare with your Google or Microsoft business account (Azure Active Directory, Office 365).

Volume and Data Retention (RowShare Business)
Create tables with thousands of rows, including large attachments.

Integration and Synergy With RowShare

Easily integrate your applications with RowShare

Thanks to Zapier, RowShare integrates many other web services such as Office 365, Gmail, Trello, Salesforce, Slack, Facebook, Google Drive, WordPress, etc.

RowShare and Excel are perfectly complementary.

You have access to an easy-to-use web interface benefitting from automatic access rights, notifications, etc, while being able to access the same tables in Excel for the analysis and visual representation of your data. A real exchange of power.

Security first for your online table

RowShare can be extended through an API (programming interface). You can do this yourself if you have some programming experience or our development team is available to integrate your required extensions.

Customized proposal

Our team can customize a template for you or we can schedule a specific training session on RowShare basics and best practices.

A free session is offered to teams of 50 users or more. This can be added as an option for smaller teams.
Premium support: our team will respond within one working day and will make every effort to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

RowShare Business Collaborative Shared Space

With RowShare Business, you and your team get privileged access to your collaborative tables.
Group them by folders. Only members of your organization will have access to this secure area.
And no need to remember to manually save your modifications: every line that you and your team edit will be saved automatically.