Features of RowShare

Our innovative solution benefits thousands of teams with the advantages of tables and collaborative spreadsheets

Enjoy the benefits of software that adapts to your needs

Ready to Use

Ready-to-use table templates


AutoSaves the information. Users can collaborate on the same document at the same time


A shared workplace. Decide who has access to the spreadsheet, and choose who can view or edit specific rows and columns. Assign rows to only those employees who need it


Save time by storing your files and images directly in the spreadsheet


Use visual spreadsheets to facilitate data entry and reading. Other users will also have a clear and quick overview of their data


Finally, a table that works with your smartphone and tablet. Find essential information anytime using the RowShare application!

Ready to Use: Get Inspired By Our Table Templates

RowShare offers a catalogue of ready-to-use tables, whether for following tasks or the progress of a project, creating an inventory, or publishing a list of employees. It’s easy to use RowShare from the moment you set up your free account.

Benefit from a wide range of ready-to-use templates, classified by business domain:

  • Human resources
  • Projects
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Administrative
  • Finance
  • Associations

The catalogue is a source of inspiration. You can copy or edit templates and you can create your own. Once your data is updated, you can assign the rows to other participants in the table.


Easily Sharable Collaborative Tables

With RowShare, teams can work interactively and simultaneously on the same document, so documents and tables can be viewed and edited remotely anytime. Several users can update them simultaneously, and changes will be automatically saved. Working collaboratively online creates real cohesion among your teams and increases efficiency.

Choose how you want to share your data.

There are three ways to share your table through three different links:

  • Table: this is the same link you use to access your table. Share it to allow users to view the table. They will be able to view rows and columns based on the permissions you have set for the table.
  • Form: you have probably noticed that each row in your table is also available as a form. Share this link to direct your users to a blank form that will automatically become a new line in your table.
  • Survey: this link allows users to anonymously complete a form that becomes a row in your table.
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Share Your Data Securely

Protect your data with RowShare! The strength of our tool lies in the choice of sharing information and assigning lines. As the owner of the table, you make sure that users see only the rows and columns that they need to see. You can specify who can view or edit the information in the table in the settings.

You own the table, so you can:

  • View and edit each row and column, regardless of other configured settings
  • Add, rearrange, and delete columns and change column settings
  • Modify the settings  (name, description, icon, etc.)
  • Decide who can access the table, and define sharing permissions  

Depending on your subscription, you can add as many co-owners as necessary to share the advanced rights listed above.

As an added benefit, all RowShare subscribers have access to a shared space where you can create tables and folders.

Design Visual and Complete Tables

Why insert only text and numbers in your tables? RowShare helps you make your tables more useful and visual. Here is a selection of our column types.

How to Be More Productive and Save Time Working with Our Tables

At the very least, sending Excel files and other documents by email can be an inefficient way to communicate with teams; at its worst, it can be a significant security risk. RowShare reduces the need to send unnecessary emails.  Furthermore, a table where all information is stored saves a lot of time. Sharing documents, information or instructions is immediate. The shared workspace encourages the involvement of each member in the project and the ability to comment through specific columns.

Save time, avoid missed communications, and ensure greater security of your data. And you can be confident that the data within the table is always the most up-to-date version!

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Automatically Generate Documents

With our RowMerge feature, your documents are automatically created from your custom templates (text documents or Microsoft Word) and information from your RowShare tables. No more risk of copy-paste, forgetting… Use this feature for your contracts, certifications, listings, invoices, reports, quotes, and other business documents.

RowShare Integrates with Your Existing Tools


RowShare is complementary to Excel. Benefit from automatic access rights, an easy-to-use web interface, and RowShare notifications, and at the same time use out-of-the-box Excel for data analysis and graphical representation.

RowShare Microsoft Teams Application - Blog - RowShare

Microsoft Teams

Simply connect RowShare with Microsoft Teams to access and modify your RowShare tables straight from your channels and chats. Enjoy the full strength of two collaborative platforms in just a few steps and improve your productivity while keeping your information secure.


Thanks to Zapier, RowShare integrates with hundreds of other web services, including Office 365, Gmail, Trello, Salesforce, Slack, Facebook, Google Drive, and WordPress.


RowShare offers a programming interface (API). Our teams or your developers can integrate the RowShare API into any environment and even customize some features.

A Mobile Application: Available Soon

Finally, a spreadsheet that can be used on your smartphone and tablet. Find your essential information anytime thanks to your RowShare application. View your spreadsheets and work together on your phone or tablet. Some of the opportunities offered by RowShare application include:

  • View and edit existing rows
  • Collaborate simultaneously with others
  • Work anywhere, anytime
  • Add comments
  • Do not lose any changes: everything is saved automatically when you type
  • Enter and sort your data and enjoy many other helpful features

Customize RowShare

For example, we can:

  • host a customized version of RowShare for your business
  • determine how you can host RowShare yourself, in your own datacenter
  • change default table sizes
  • help you to create your tables or document templates