ROWSHARE, the new online collaborative table

An intuitive and efficient way to get organized, RowShare helps centralize and share information. As simple as a table, RowShare intelligently manages alerts and user access to information.

Collaborative tables?


  • Decide whether users will see the whole table or just their own rows.
  • Freely share your tables with as many people as you want.
  • Comment tables inline, not in separate emails.


  • We're all already familiar with tables, rows and columns.
  • Streamlined User Interface for contributors, advanced features for table creators.
  • Enjoy dozens of ready-to-use business tables.


  • Add pictures and attachments to your tables.
  • Identify instantly who has modified each row.
  • Display information as a table or a form.

Look at our columns!

Why would you only enter text and numbers in your tables? RowShare offers much more to make your table more visual and more useful. Here is a selection of our column types:

RowShare Business Collaborative Shared SpaceRowShare Business

Beyond their personal folder, RowShare Business users share a common workspace to store their collaborative tables.

Shared Tables

Browse your collaborative workspace to find your tables and the ones shared with you, without any limit.

Access Control

Secure your RowShare tables and decide precisely who can view and edit them.

Users and Groups

Define groups of users, control precisely who can access what, table by table or row by row. Handle newcomers, leavers and role changes.

Hierarchical Permissions

Let managers benefit from the sum of the access rights of their team. They can see or edit anything their team has access to.

Push the limits

Here is a selection of key differences between RowShare Business and the free version. RowShare Business can be tried free for one month, and commercial subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

RowShare RowShare Business
Price Free $6 / month / user
Number of rows per table 2000 10 000
Number of tables 5 10 per user
Attachment and picture size limit 3 MB 10 MB
Data retention 90 days of inactivity Unlimited
Private shared workspace to store tables
Advanced security management
Integrated with BI tools (Power BI, Tableau, Qlik…)

Zapier - RowShare IntegrationRowShare Business

Zapier connects RowShare with 1,000+ apps such as Slack, Gmail, Salesforce or Trello to automate tasks, create automated workflows and save time. You don’t need to be a developer, anyone can make a Zap!

Create your first Zap

With RowMerge, generate Documents from your Tables

Let RowShare automatically create your contracts, lists, invoices, reports, quotes…

Your documents are automatically created from your document templates and your RowShare tables information. Forget human errors, unfortunate copy and paste…

Go even further with RowShare

Excel integration

RowShare and Excel complement each other nicely. Offer everyone RowShare simple web user interface, Automatic Access Rights, Notifications… while accessing the same tables from Excel to perform analytics and charts. The best of both worlds.

Integrate RowShare with your systemsRowShare Business

Thanks to Zapier, RowShare integrates with hundreds of other web services such as Office 365, Gmail, Trello, Slack, Facebook, Google Drive, WordPress, etc.

You need more specific integration? RowShare can be extended through its API (Application Programming Interface). Do it yourself if you master software development, or ask our developer team.

Log in with your corporate emailRowShare Business

Connect to RowShare with your corporate identity from Google or Microsoft (Office 365 or Azure Active Directory).

Data volume and retentionRowShare Business

Grow your tables to thousands of rows, including large attachments.

Avoid accidental deletion with the Table Trash Bin.

Your tables are kept forever as long as your subscription is active (and up to 6 months after).

Get help from our teamRowShare Business

Ask our help to create a document template or train you on RowShare Best Practices.

One training or customization session is included in the RowShare price for teams of 50 users or more. Priority Support: our team gets back to you in one business day and prioritizes your issues.

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