Terramor Technologies has chosen RowShare to efficiently track samples processed by the lab

Case Story

Terramor Technologies





Can you share a brief description of your business and your role?

I own a company called Terramor Technologies.  We are a DEA Certified Cannabis Analytics Laboratory, which means that I test products and flower coming from all over the US for companies who want to be compliant with the regulations in their state.  Each company receives a Certificate of Analysis after the samples are run through the Lab.

I am the owner and Chief Technician / Scientist : I manage all of it except for the finance, my Wife / business partner is the CFO.

What business problem were you trying to solve with RowShare?

I needed a way to track the samples I receive efficiently.

To process information, laboratories can use LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). But these software companies are targeting mostly high-volume laboratories.  LIMS programs can be around $600 –  $1,000 per month .  They also charge a lot for the implementation.  Moreover, I tested a few of them. Some are very complicated, way beyond what I need.

I was trying to find an alternative to LIMS to avoid having all of the sample information in my lab notebook.  I used to enter lots of the information manually. It took a lot of time and was less secure.  I am still using my lab notebook to enter some information but I am considering extending my use of RowShare to stop using it entirely.

How did you hear about RowShare for the first time? Why did you choose RowShare over the alternatives ?

I found RowShare during an online search. I tried their solution and decided to go for it. I was amazed about what it is capable of.  Lots of things in RowShare are not so different from a LIMS. It is a great alternative. It is a time saver and helps me avoid errors.

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” I tried RowShare and decided to go for it. I was amazed about what it is capable of. Lots of things in RowShare are not so different from a LIMS. It is a great alternative.”

Erik Somoroff

How was the implementation? How fast? Did you need help? How was the help?

I never contacted anybody. The implementation was easy. I used the chat twice and the support team answered me quickly.

What do you like most about RowShare? Would you recommend it ?

The bigger attraction with RowShare was that I could make it exactly what I wanted it to be. I appreciate its flexibility, and the room for possible future updates and improvement.  With most LIMS, everything it does is already setup and most tables / charts  can’t be changed. If you want to do this you have to do that.

Moreover, I had a very comfortable experience all around, with Antoine, with the product, etc.

Yes, I would recommend RowShare.