Romand Architecture : ” With RowShare, we save time and gain in efficiency and reliability.”

Customer Story

Romand Architecture





Can you share a short description about your company ?

I am Sébastien Romand, architect and the managing director of Romand Architecture, an architectural firm based in the south of France. Mostly we work with people who want to have their secondary house built. These projects are high-end.

What business problems were you trying to solve with RowShare ?

Before RowShare, our reports were completed in Word and we copied elements in another collaborative platform, Airtable. But I needed to share information in a flexible way, which means point by point without having to share all the information every time. Moreover, our reports were still typed so we needed a way to automate the production of reports from lists of information.

Our contacts spend 80% of their time on construction sites, do not have an administration or IT department : reports are not always read.

How did you hear about RowShare for the first time ?

We discovered RowShare on a search engine. We were looking for a spreadsheet that could be shared row by row.

Have you considered other solutions ?

We used TODOist for activity monitoring but there was too much copy/paste.

Why did you choose RowShare over the alternatives ?

We choose RowShare for several reasons :

  • You can set up notifications
  • RowMerge : it enables us to generate reports from the informations contained in the table
  • RowShare Team members : they were available, they gave visibility on their roadmap and helped us use the platform.

“Now information is centralized and we have stopped copying and pasting information. We save time, gain in effectiveness and reliability.”

Sébastien Romand

How was the implementation ? How fast ? Did you need help ?

I believe RowShare is very easy to apprehend. I had a few questions, submitted them via chat and got almost immediate answers. It was easy to get a grip on the tool.

Concerning RowMerge, I quickly saw its value and what it could change for me. I read the documents and tutorials. I came to the conclusions that I could acquire these skills but it is not my job and I do not have the time. So I got in touch with the support team who did it for me and created a customized solution. In my opinion, someone who can spend time on it can do it alone.

How is RowShare used in your business ?

My coworker and I enter information in our table on a daily basis or generate reports or setup reminders. We monitor the activity in general. We share the tables with our clients, to whom we have created user accounts, to access reports, contracts, invoices. The point is that they can only access their information.

We also share a table with our suppliers and artisans. Similarly, each of the craftsmen will only see their information and the activities of their construction sites. Thus a mason will see all the missions he must perform on our construction sites in one single table. Before, artisans seldom had the reports with them.

How has RowShare helped you to save time and money or avoid risks ?

Now information is centralized and we have stopped copying and pasting information. We save time, gain in effectiveness and reliability. Also, our contacts get used to finding information in RowShare and this also saves us time.

Have you ever been in touch with the support team ? What did you think ?

At the beginning I used the live chat to talk to RowShare team and get information about some features. I had quick answers.

Would you recommend RowShare?

Yes, gladly.