Hello Courtier has chosen Rowshare as an online tool to improve collaboration between the various interlocutors.

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Hello Courtier has chosen RowShare to organize its marketing outreach. Branch manager Luidgi Ciavarella shares why he made this choice.

Could you give us a brief description of your company and your role in it?

Hello Courtier is a network of real estate brokerage and borrower insurance agencies. Created by Medhi Dziri, who has 14 years of experience in this field, the company now has 25 specialist brokers in 5 branches all over Paris. We are a quickly growing SME.

My name is Luidgi Ciavarella, the manager of the Paris Le Marais branch. I lead a team of 7 brokers and support my clients in carrying out their real estate projects. I also lead our network of business facilitators.

What business challenge were you trying to solve when you became interested in RowShare?

We were looking for a tool to help us improve collaboration among all the people working at Hello Courtier (brokers, branch managers, and our president) and our external partners (real estate agencies, notaries, promoters, builders, estate advisors, etc.). The main challenge was monitoring our marketing outreach so that the information would be better organized and better structured, and would flow better among us.

How were you dealing with this problem before using RowShare?

Until then, everyone created their own Excel file to suit their needs. So a broker would regularly send their file to their branch manager, who would validate and aggregate the information before sending it on to the company president, who then had to aggregate the information at a higher level.

Of course, we had planned on some paths for improvement, like working in a shared dashboard (Excel Online or Google Sheets), but this wasn’t suitable for our confidentiality needs: it was out of the question that everyone be able to see and edit information entered by someone else. We also use financial simulation software that is necessary for our business, but it’s not at all collaborative. Finally, we had planned on setting up a CRM, but some of the functional coverage with our business software was too large, and furthermore, setting up a CRM just to monitor business wouldn’t have made sense.

RowShare: Why did you choose our product over the alternatives?

We loved the rights management features: simple but powerful.  Every user can only see their own data, directors can see their team’s data, and our boss can see everything, all without spending time configuring rights. So we have centralized monitoring dashboards that are always up-to-date, and where everyone can access their own data.

We especially appreciate the collaborative features, like alerts: when a reminder is planned, the relevant broker will be automatically reminded at the right time. We’re also interested in the possibility of inserting attached files to the dashboard, although we haven’t implemented this yet.

“Following up on marketing outreach represents up to 2 hours a day, and this time has been reduced by at least 30 percent, thanks to RowShare. This is a savings of at least 40 minutes a day or nearly 2 working days saved per person per month!”

Luidgi Ciavarella

 How did the implementation take place? How fast did it take? Did you need help? How was this assistance?

We first tested the free online version with no assistance. Then, we called the RowShare team once we started testing the business version. During that conversation, we talked about our business needs and identified which RowShare features would help us meet them. We also took this time to improve our dashboard.

How is RowShare used in your company?

The 25 employees at Hello Courtier use RowShare every day. After a demonstration, they quickly became proficient; they enjoy how simple the tool is, even compared to Excel, which everyone knows. Hello Courtier is growing quickly and all our future employees will be using it as well.

We use it to monitor marketing outreach. Every RowShare dashboard line corresponds to one activity. It’s assigned to the person in charge of the activity. Managers can see their team’s information, and the Hello Courtier president can see all the data.

How has RowShare helped you to save time and money or avoid risks? Do you have any metrics or KPIs?

It has helped save a lot of time on a daily basis. Before, everyone had their own Excel file. At the scale of a branch, management used to spend a lot of time aggregating data and we had to schedule meetings to follow up on monitoring every broker. Sometimes the format of the follow-up files would differ from one user to the other, making data aggregation take much longer.

Today, the branch managers and the company president are saving a lot of time and have access to the updated information in real time. Their communication with the teams focuses on the marketing outreach itself and the results, rather than on the quality of the data and its handling.

The brokers themselves are also benefiting because they can be sure that their entries are correct and they can work from their phones from the field. They spend less time face-to-face with their managers, and when they do, it’s only to discuss their activities, not to enter data.

Following up on marketing outreach represents up to 2 hours a day, and this time has been reduced by at least 30 percent, thanks to RowShare. This is a savings of at least 40 minutes a day or nearly 2 working days saved per person per month!

Would you recommend RowShare?

Of course! I have worked in very large companies and now I’m in a much smaller one that doesn’t have the same means, so it really needs to be more agile. RowShare has met our expectations and has given us the means to be more efficient than larger companies.