Collaborative Work and Data Security

As working collaboratively online has become a common practice even among employees who work at the same site, issues of data security have inevitably arisen. Most companies have become increasingly vigilant around these issues, given the serious consequences of a security breach. The proliferation of remote work sites within the same company only increases the need for effective online collaborative work. To achieve this, employees must be able to exchange a large flow of data, thus increasing the security risk. How to ensure data security in a remote working environment? What tool easily allows exchange of large quantities of data? In this article you will discover an easy-to-use collaborative tool that guarantees data security and confidentiality within the company.

Collaborative Work Boosts Data Sharing

The success of a company’s projects depends on its ability to mobilize employee skills and coordinate collaborative work effectively. Often stakeholders need access to data at all times, which is sometimes hard to achieve, especially when team members are located in different time zones.

Despite these challenges, it’s clear that sharing a large amount of information is easier when data is centralized. For example, administrative staff management is often centralized at the company’s headquarters. Many companies communicate with employees about administrative issues via email, attaching a large number of documents, and often engaging in lengthy, time-consuming, and insecure email exchanges. Instead, the transmission of documents between the Human Resources department and employees can be achieved with the help of a simple shared chart with customized sharing restrictions and security measures. This type of shared tool can guarantee both the security and privacy of employees’ personal data while facilitating information sharing on both sides.

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RowShare Guarantees the Security of Your Data

Any organization can create collaborative tables using Rowshare. All data will be automatically protected. Access can be restricted however the company chooses—company employees only, managers at a certain level within the corporate structure, or a particular department or service.

Data security and confidentiality is reinforced by RowShare’s unique ability to restrict sharing of specific columns and rows in the table. The administrator of a given table authorizes different access rights depending on the employee concerned. Further, each user is assigned the right to either read or edit the data. For example, the payroll department will have access to the worked hours of all employees over a given period of time. A manager will be able to consult only the worked hours of his or her team members. Finally, employees will have access only to their own hours worked. Thus, the amount of information accessible is granted based on the user’s needs. In addition to the confidentiality advantages, this approach prevents users from getting lost in a mass of data that is irrelevant to them.

Another strength of RowShare’s tools is their ability to store documents (administrative, medical documents, etc.) within the table. These files can be attached directly within the table, archiving, and centralizing the information securely. Document access restrictions can be set by the table administrator in the same was as restrictions on row and column access. Implementation and use of collaborative tools like RowShare increase the collective performance of your employees. With these tools, the company encourages the collaborative work within its teams while reducing risks concerning data security. No matter the size of your team or your business field, Rowshare’s collaborative tools are designed to fit your business needs.

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