Are you already in love with Excel Sync? It’s Excel’s synchronization with RowShare: it lets you read as well as modify RowShare tables from Excel. This lets you benefit from the strengths of RowShare (each one has access only to the relevant rows, pictures and attachments, web interface, visual tables, document generation …) and Excel (advanced analysis, formulas, pivot tables, graphics)…

If you have never heard about this feature, have a look at the relevant help section. Despite what the menu suggests, SharePoint (a Microsoft software) is not at all involved in this operation. If you frequently “Excel Sync”, you could save time by adding a button to do it in one click instead of three. Adding this button to Excel will take you 30 seconds and you only have to do it once. Just follow the following steps. The example is based on Excel 2016. This happens in the Quick Access Toolbar at the top left of Excel, above the ribbon:

Find “Synchronize list” and add it to your quick access toolbar:

And that’s it! From a RowShare table, click Excel and then Excel Sync, open it in Excel, and click on this button (in yellow below) to sync your table with RowShare: it downloads any changes made by you or someone else on the RowShare table, and uploads your potential changes done in Excel. All this while respecting your RowShare permissions.