Adding a comment or a note to an entry in your Excel sheet is often necessary to give your feedback, ask questions or make corrections. It is the best way to add additional information without changing the entry itself.

In a way, to insert comments in Excel, you just need to simply click on Review, Comment, New CommentBut, how if you want to reply to someone’s comments and someone wants to reply to yours? Also, how if you don’t want anyone to modify your comments?

Here, we will firstly explore how to insert comments in Excel. Secondly, we will dig into another alternative solution by using an online collaborative table, RowShare, that allows you to track your comments and reply to other people’s comments when you collaborate together.

Add Comments in Excel

  1. Select any cell to which you want to add a comment
  2. Click on the “Review” tab
  3. Under the “Comments” section, click on “New Comment”


  1. Select any cell to which you want to add a comment
  2. Right click
  3. Click on “Insert Comment”

Note: By default your comments stay tucked away from view. Hover your mouse over an individual comment to read it.

If you want to display your comments, do the following steps:

  1. Click on the “File” tab
  2. Click on “Options”
  3. Click on “Advanced”
  4. Under the “Display” section, select “Comments and Indicators”

Comments are intended for interactivity. By adding a comment, and having your comments replied, the communication becomes more collaborative. Here is where Excel is limited. Other than that, once you have inserted your comments, anyone with access to your Excel sheet can edit them, so your comments can be changed by anyone.

When you collaborate with several people, you might want to reply to other people’s comments or the other way around, people might want to reply to yours, without having your comments modified by others.Other than that, it’s also always useful to be able to track when the comments were written. For this needs, let’s check what RowShare can offer you here!

Add Comments in RowShare

Focusing in collaboration and sharing at real time, RowShare is not intended to replace Excel. On the contrary, it complements Excel by offering an effective way for your collaboration.

Tip: If you already use Excel, especially to analyze data, import your work to RowShare and maximize your collaboration.

Go ahead, create your table in RowShare by following these easy-peasy steps:

1. Create a table from a blank page or from RowShare’s template

2. Add a column of type “Comment”

3. Insert your comment

As you can see, you can also track when the comments were written, reply to other people’s comments and the other way around, and no one can modify the comments. That way your collaboration becomes more interactive!

Happy RowSharing!