Who has never secretly dreamed of planning to create a business? Full-time or as a complement to your day job, being your own boss may seem particularly enticing. However, starting out on a business plan is still complex and will require discipline at every step. How do you develop your business creation plan step by step? Here you’ll read all the steps to follow in order.

Evaluate the feasibility of your business plan at different levels

Having a genius idea is naturally the first step, but the real challenge is found in the second one: estimating the viability of your business plan in the medium and long term. To do this, you’ll need to list all aspects of your project, then order them so you don’t forget anything. Organizing the tenets and goals of your project in a consolidated dashboard will make your ideas immediately clear. Aspects to be considered are all your personal constraints plus those of the market. Be exhaustive; you can rank them in order of importance in the dashboards offered by RowShare. At this stage, conducting a market study and creating a business plan are essential tasks to complete before even continuing on to the next steps.

The monitoring tool adapted to financial processes

Launching a business creation plan requires funding. This may come from your own capital or from external contributions. Preparing a solid financial plan is primordial before contacting any banks. Your argument must be highly convincing and backed up by figures. Thanks to legible, accurate provisional financial dashboard, your file will provide a clear initial picture to the banks. That way, you’ll increase your chances of getting the financial resources required for your project. Resources may come from banks or public organizations via subsidies or specific aid, so it is advised to monitor the history and progress of your communication and later scheduled communication with these third parties in a dashboard that is consolidated in real time. The dashboards offered by RowShare let you archive files and rank them in order of importance.

What status should you choose for your company?

This is a tricky question because you know that the choice is crucial: what legal status is best suited for your business plan? The status you choose will determine your legal framework, which will necessarily have an impact on the development of your future company. Classifying the various parameters at stake when choosing the status is fundamental. These parameters are as follows:
  • number of employees
  • liability of employees
  • liability of managers
  • social and tax regime for employees
  • social and tax regime for managers.
Creating a comparative tablewill facilitate the centralization of all these elements before making a clear-headed analysis. As you can see, develop a business creation plan requires rigorous organization and monitoring. You need to have easy access to all the information needed to make the best decisions. RowShare will help you thanks to its offer of turnkey tables. So, ready to take the leap?