The digital transformation of companies is causing them to massively invest in application development. These projects are usually costly and there are many pitfalls to be avoided. How can you have a successful application development project? And what mistakes mustn’t you make? If these are your questions, here are three tips to follow.

Careful application development planning

Before creating a mobile app, the project manager should be sure that all operational steps are carefully planned out. In order to monitor the phases of the project (design, development, testing, etc.), in addition to complex tools on the market, you might find the monitoring dashboards offered by RowShare to be useful. They are easy to use and project managers will have an overview of the progress of the project at all times. If needed, they can modify the allocation of resources to a given task as desired thanks to real-time updating of the collaborative dashboards. Stakeholders will be aware of their new responsibilities on the project via automatic reminders offered within the tools.

Solid teams working on mobile app projects

Succeeding in your application development project depends mainly on the level of cohesion within the project team. To guarantee this harmony, project managers must be excellent pilots! Their role is to facilitate communication on the status of the project, in addition to communication between the various members of the project. Directives need to be clear and information must be shared systematically in order to avoid misunderstandings: replacing a developer, changing the priority in one of the phases of the project, any delays, etc. Turnkey dashboards appear to be effective tools that promote collaborative work. Project managers will be able to assign access rights to project contributors depending on what they’re working on. Moreover, they can mention the priority level of each deliverable expected.

Use this Mobile App Project Template

Centralize the monitoring of application development projects

The most energy may be spent on your application projects. This would still be completely useless if the projects don’t have the required monitoring quality. Project managers are in charge of this decisive monitoring. In order to promote engagement with every member of the project, using monitoring dashboards, they can share progress in read-only mode. Sharing this data will determine the pace of the steps in application development projects. Still, if project managers deem it necessary to grant occasional dashboard access rights to a contributor, they can easily carry out this procedure. Finally, project managers can consolidate a general dashboard of all the monitoring dashboards in order to get an overview of the progress of the application projects. This consolidated tool will facilitate reporting to management.

Developing an application is one thing, but succeeding in the development project is another. Skills are not enough. The key is in the exemplary discipline given to project management. RowShare can be an addition to other management tools to support you in your project’s success with its wide selection of turnkey or custom dashboards.