RowShare was designed to help you organize quicker and more effectively. With this in mind, we’ve crafted an assortment of new table templates to streamline your everyday tasks.

For the last year, we’ve studied our most successful tables—our tables that made the most of RowShare’s key functions. Now, we are introducing new tables to respond to your professional needs, to simplify your club’s administration and to manage your personal projects.

Here’s a look at some of the new templates. If you can’t wait to try these, log in to your account now to view the new catalog.

Event registrations

Easily manage an event and collect guest information with this first table.

Share the registration form and create personalized documents for the event, including badges, registration confirmations, attestations of attendance, signature lists and more.

To organize event registrations, click here.

Employee directory

Organize your employees and centralize their details and administrative documents, including contact information and a variety of documents and certificates. To save time, ask each employee to input their own data.

Confidentiality is key: each employee can see only their own information. This table can also be set to create employee certificates.

To gather employee details in one place : click here.

Team task manager

This collaborative way to manage your team tasks is specially designed to help you monitor the progress of your project.

Prioritize each task, set automatic email deadline reminders and quickly update the completion status for each task.

You can leave the table open, or give the project manager and row owner exclusive modification rights.

To manage your team tasks, click here.

Employee monthly reports

Get the inside scoop from your employees. Ask them to complete a short monthly report of the tasks they completed or worked on, strong points, weak points, and overall satisfaction.

Employees can be assured that their responses are kept confidential and that each user can view and edit only their own reports. The table owner can grant management, human resources and specific users special access rights to all reports. With RowShare Business, each manager may also access each team member’s monthly report.

To follow the monthly progress of your team, click here.

Club member directory

Keep your member data in one place, allowing your club access and your members the power to easily view and update their information.

To manage your club members, click here.

Wedding planning

We know your life isn’t all work and no play, so we’ve provided some templates for your personal use, too. For example, do you or someone you know have a wedding coming up? Keep calm and plan with control.

You’ll find every detail for your big day in one place, from a to-do list to caterer and supplier information; from photos to a countdown.

To plan your wedding with ease, click here.

You can get started right away with your first table in RowShare’s new catalog. Are there other tables you’d like to see in our catalog? Let us know in a comment or contact us online.