Every year, Great Place to Work, a leading reference in workplace quality, certifies companies where people love working (based on employee polls and by analyzing managerial practices). Voted to appear on the list of companies of under 50 employees in November 2016 (11th place on the list out of 63 applicants), SoftFluent conducted this poll with both its subsidiaries, including SoftFluent Software, and has just earned its certification for the period from June 2019 to June 2020. The SoftFluent Company places great importance on its employees with benevolence at all times. This benevolence, plus the human dimension that comes with it, is our driving force for progress and for contributing to the success of SoftFluent Software and SoftFluent as a whole. “After the grand prize for employee shareholders in December, we are very pleased to note that our management style has been recognized and praised by our employees and by ‘Great Place to Work,’ a leading reference in this matter. I’d like to thank all SoftFluentees who are involved every day to make SoftFluent a place where working and pleasure are combined successfully,” says Daniel Cohen-Zardi, the company president. Our company’s 3 most emblematic practices, which are unique on the market, are as follows: First of all, there is the desire of the managing boards of each entity to share every success with SoftFluentees by allowing them to become shareholders with an employee shareholder plan. Secondly, there is the dynamism and monthly occurrence of company events that bring life to the company and orchestrate collective participation in the company’s projects. Finally, there is the creation of a leadership team with people who represent all aspects of our business to participate in strategic projects, plus the creation of a monthly manager meeting to get them to align to the best managerial practices. Of course, the final result included the employees’ responses in the online survey, which match perfectly with managerial practices. “The result of the anonymous survey is even more satisfactory since we conducted a project to transform the company between 2017 and 2018 with the creation of two subsidiaries. This context requires significant effort to successfully combine all our offers and unite the entire operation. It’s clear that we are now perfectly aligned for the growth phase planned out for our 3 businesses, with employee confidence even higher than that measured in 2016. This is also good news for our clients and partners,” says Daniel Cohen-Zardi.