You asked, we listened. We are proud to announce that we made it to give our users—YOU—one of the most requested features: RowShare-Zapier integration. RowShare now connects to 1,000+ apps through Zapier, a platform that connect apps together to help you create workflow automation. As an online Collaborative Table who lets each user see and edit relevant rows, and also include pictures and attachments easily, RowShare’s integrations with other apps will increase your productivity more.

Zapier Connects Apps Together

Your time is precious. Automate tedious tasks and save time. Workflow automationhelps you simplify the complicated. Concentrate on getting more done and focusing on the things that matter. Zapier gives you the power to integrate RowShare with Office 365, Gmail, LiveChat, and 1,000+ other. Keep track of all your work from HR, Marketing, Sales, to Admin duties. You don’t need to be a developer, anyone can make a Zap (a Zapier automation)! We currently offer two kinds of Zaps involving RowShare:
  • A row added or modified in RowShare TRIGGERS an ACTION in other Zapier’s integrated apps.
  • An event in other Zapier’s integrated apps TRIGGERS the addition of a new row to a RowShare table.
You can even create a Zap from RowShare to RowShare: if a row is added or modified in a table, add a new row to another table. It’s not clear enough yet? Let’s go through 2 real-life examples.

Integration with Salesforce

Do you use RowShare to manage your leads while your sales reps use Salesforce? Then this integration is the one for you! Use this integration to create Salesforce leads from any RowShare table. How it works:
  1. The trigger in RowShare is New or Updated Row.
  2. The action in SalesForce is Create A New Lead in salesforce.
Handle your leads with your extended team in RowShare, transfer it to Salesforce for your sales team.

Integration with LiveChat

Customer Service teams strive to provide the best customer experience. To be able to analyse your chat data and share it outside your team, centralize and track each chat session in a RowShare table. Add a new row in RowShare whenever a chat ends. Improve your effectiveness by centralizing all chat history and creating a knowledge base/FAQ based on the most asked questions through chat. How it works:
  1. The trigger in LiveChat is Finished Chat.
  2. The action in RowShare is Create Row.
So whenever a LiveChat session ends, Zapier will create a new row in your RowShare table. It’s as simple as that!
Sounds pretty cool, right? Don’t just take my word for it, go try it yourself!