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Create a Table

Create Intuitive and Visually Appealing Tables and Forms


With RowShare, people can work together, at the same time, on the same table.

The users can only view or edit their own lines.

Follow tables to receive notifications when they are updated.

Share your tables for free with many people as you want.

Add comments directly into your tables and not via isolated emails.

Visual Tables

With RowShare, upload pictures and files directly into your tables.

Differentiate each user’s data, highlighted with colorful icons.

Percentages, check boxes, and votes are displayed visually to create more impact, making RowShare a powerful and clear visual tool.

Choose to display your data as a table or as a form based on your individual needs.

Security first for your online tables

Companies around the world have placed their trust in RowShare to manage their most important team projects, allowing them to collaborate easily.

As the admin of a table, you decide if other users can view and edit the entire table or just their own rows.

With RowShare, you can collaborate with confidence on sensitive projects without compromising the safety, privacy or transmission of your data.

Survey mode

Create questionnaires with our intuitive survey tool.

You can add your questions in a table format with an abundance of choice for the column types.

And there is no need to create a new user account for each of the survey participants.

Find our Ready-to-Use Collaborative Tables

To assist you in your first steps and discover RowShare, we have created with professional experts a wide range of table templates.
With a few clicks, you can appropriate them with your own data and share the table with your teams.

Table Templates

Table Templates

Table Templates

Table Templates

Table Templates

With “RowShare for Dummies” , online collaborative tables become a breeze

A new category of tools? Discover tools that fit your working methods, your business culture, your security model, your technological comfort level and your budget.

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Collaborative Tables for Dummies

Are you Looking For a Collaborative Space for Your Team?

The RowShare Business version allows you to leverage more features for you and your team, and increase efficiency, security, and productivity.


RowShare is compatible with Excel and Word

Save time by importing your existing Excel files.
Easily convert your Excel files to RowShare tables and vice versa.
Then use Word to generate your personalized documents. It’s up to you!

Microsoft Excel

RowShare and Microsoft Excel complement each other perfectly. RowShare excels when it comes to collaborative tasks while Excel is the best tool in its category for managing large volumes of data.

You can easily:

  • Import an Excel Table into RowShare
  • Export a RowShare table to Excel
  • Modify a RowShare table in Excel

Microsoft Word

Take things further with effortless integration between Word and RowShare.
Quickly generate documents such as membership cards, contracts or invoices with our document generation tool.
Use a contract template in Word format and let the magic begin !

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