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Structure Your Company Data and Automate Your Processes

Automate your data collection and consolidation processes.

Take advantage of automated data collection and diverse integration options and connect RowShare to all your tools to centralize all of your information in one place. No special training or knowledge is required on your end to get it right.

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Improve Your Operational Efficiency by Automating Your Data Collection.

  • Simplicity in data processing

Automate all of your data processing without needing any special training or knowledge.

  • Gains in productivity

Save time and effort by getting real-time information. Diverse options for analysis and visualization allow your data to speak to you faster.

  • Operational from the first minutes of use

To save you even more time, we can manage the automation, migration, and configuration of your enterprise’s data collection.

Facilitate Collaboration With Your Teams or Partners Using RowShare’s Features.

Online collaborative space

Data collection, analysis, and visualization

Data confidentiality thanks to line-by-line sharing

Real-time data collection for greater agility and responsiveness

Customizable, ready-to-use templates

Integration of all of your tools with Zapier or via API

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Customized Human Support

At Startup

Onboarding workshops

Creation of your personalized RowShare space

Automation of your data collection processes

Throughout our relationship

Highly responsive online support

A solution for (almost) all of your needs, even emerging ones

Regular exchanges with RowShare’s teams

Ready-To-Use Templates, Flexible for Your Needs !

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Your collaborators need access to shared spreadsheets – and you need to keep your sensitive data secure. Achieve both with RowShare


Federate all the stakeholders around a reliable tool even if they are from outside your organization

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Win the battle against dispersed data. Gather, Organize and Analyse your information using the same tool

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RowShare simplifies the process of collecting, analyzing, and visualizing your enterprise’s data. We support our customers’ digital transformation with a collaborative, easy-to-use, reliable solution that fully complies with the GDPR.

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