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Tired of splitting and merging extracts of spreadsheets?
RowShare, the new collaborative table, lets each user see/modify only their rows.

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  • Club Member Directory

    Keep your members' personal details in one place, allowing your club access and your members the power to easily view and update their information. From address to ID photo and administrative documents, record everything necessary for registration. You can also use this table to monitor subscription payments.

    Tables for clubs
  • B2B Marketing KPIs

    Marketing strategies and actions must be evaluated to demonstrate their effectiveness. B2B marketing consulting firm SO'xperts provides 15 key performance indicators to evaluate your performance and a way to track your results over time.

    Tables for marketers
  • Project Portfolio

    Use this thorough and organized approach to track your on-the-go projects. Centralize, standardize and summarize project progress with this table. Set automatic reminders to alert you when a deadline is coming up.

    Tables for project management
  • Lead Tracking

    Work together to manage leads to track new leads from all your marketing efforts—adwords, social media, webinars, whitepapers and more—and transform them into qualified contacts. Everyone can view and update the table.

    Tables for sales
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A table, not a spreadsheet

More structured and streamlined than paper, endless email chains and scattered Excel® files.
Quick and easy to master and far simpler to customize than any specialized software.

Easy as a table

Rows, columns—we’re all familiar with tables already.

Smart row sharing

Set whether guests can see and edit the entire table or only their own rows. That's it! RowShare does the rest.

Convenient document generation

Automatically create contracts, attestations, lists, invoices, reports and more from your own templates.

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