RowShare just launched its Microsoft Teams application: you can now access and modify your collaborative tables straight from your channels or your chats.

As you know, RowShare is perfect to collect and centralize information. Every day, is it used by teams to work collaboratively on projects, processes, tasks. And it all starts with a shared table. As a collaborative communication platform, Microsoft Teams help team members to connect and engage.

Get the best of both worlds with our RowShare App now available on Microsoft Teams. It is new, easy and secure!

Why should you use it?

For those who are on Microsoft Teams, using RowShare has become easier and more meaningful. Our new application allows you to access and modify your RowShare Tables straight from your Microsoft Teams channels and chats.

As you chat and share files with your co-workers and discuss next steps on an important project, no need to take notes. Just go to your project management RowShare table on the next tab to add the new task as you usually do.

As you are in an online meeting with all your team, work collaboratively and simultaneously throughout the meeting on your RowShare table and save time!

Using RowShare increases your productivity, and we believe that joining Microsoft Teams and RowShare tables will improve your efficiency and help you save time.

What can you do with Microsoft Teams?

You can keep using RowShare as you usually do and enjoy easy-to-use collaborative tables:

  • Add as many RowShare tables as you want on Microsoft Teams as long as they are relevant to your chat or channel!
  • Add new rows easily,
  • Fill in information or modify existing data!

Keeping your information secure is as important for us as it is for you. And adding RowShare Tables to Microsoft Teams does not change that. Indeed, you still have control over who sees what, who can edit or simply view rows: just define sharing permissions within RowShare before adding your table to Teams.

Our application can be used with members of your organization or with anyone else: customers, suppliers, partners… They just need a RowShare account.

What are you waiting for? Use our help to add your first RowShare table to Microsoft Teams in just a few steps.