Since our launch five years ago, we have focused our strategy on listening to our customers’ needs to offer them the products that best meet their expectations. Now, we are very pleased to introduce new features designed to simplify the management of your RowShare subscription.

The security of your data is our priority

For administrators, we’ve added new features that aim to make your job easier. Whether it’s inviting users as easily as possible, checking whom has been access to what, or reviewing the history of board changes to understand any potential human errors, everything is done to give you full control over your organization’s data.

Permission auditing

Permission auditing allows you to check which users have been granted access to what data. Don’t want Robert in the Marketing Department to have access to your compensation-related data? That’s not a problem. With our features, you’ll have a global view on your organization to ensure the confidentiality of your various information. It’s easy to use, and most administrators find it to be essential. To learn more, click here.


Permission audit rowshare

Modification history

Does some data seem unreliable to you? Are there always changes on your boards that don’t seem right? Are you required to keep track of all changes made to your data? We have a solution to allow you to regain control over your data and to get more information from contributors who have modified the data.

historique des modifications RowShare
Historique des modification Rowshare 2