As users of online tables, moreover collaborative, we constantly look for ways to optimize our working time and visualize our data most efficiently. We’re delighted to inform you that “Calendar View” is now available on RowShare, regardless of your subscription.

This new feature allows you to view your data in a calendar form, making planning, tracking your tasks, and making your time more manageable. In this article, you’ll learn all the benefits of this feature and how it can help you improve your productivity.

“Calendar View”, How does it work?

The first thing to know about the Calendar view is that it is available for your “date” columns (or date and time) and only for those columns. Logical but reasonable to know 😉

To switch to calendar view, go to the settings of the column (“…” to the right of the column heading) that you want to view in this form and click on “Calendar view.” And voilà, you are in calendar view🗓️. You can then zap between a daily, weekly, and monthly view.

If you want to have more details, check our dedicated help center page.

Vue calendrier RowShare

A clear and intuitive visualization of your tasks

The calendar view gives you a synthetic and global view of all your deadlines and reminders. The different rows of your tables are displayed differently to provide you with a new way to visualize your data.

Calendrier RowShare

Need to make a change on your lines? This is not a problem; you can make all the desired changes directly in the calendar view. You will see that all your information is synthesized and editable by clicking on a task—no more excuses for not meeting the deadlines set.

Modifications vue calendrier

Manage your time and task deadlines more effectively to collaborate more easily

RowShare is a collaborative tool, but we are taking a step further in this direction with the availability of the calendar view. This view allows you to facilitate collaboration in your team and track progress and deadlines at a glance. It’s easy to visualize current or prioritized tasks, set up automatic reminders, and streamline communication and coordination between team members

One of the main advantages of the calendar view is to allow you to visualize the organization of your day/week, or month around your current tasks. Enable you to always be up to date on your tasks and especially to catch all essential elements. This view is of significant interest to all team members, administrators, managers, and contributors.

With the addition of Calendar View, we aim to simplify task management, scheduling, and collaboration across your teams. Whether you are a busy professional, an underwater project manager, or a COO who is drowning in data from different groups, the Calendar view is made for you to allow you to visualize your data efficiently. Try it now and find out how it can help you improve your productivity.