Congrats to our technical and support team for their creativity – and special thanks to all of our users, your feedback and suggestions are truly precious.

A reworked interface

You will now be able to get a quick overview of the numerous table templates available in Rowshare. In the blink of an eye, you will find the table that best suits your project. From marketing to human resources and sales, Rowshare offers collaborative tables that fit with any path. Adding Rows into tables has been evolved. Click on the “+” button in the bottom left-hand corner. This feature avoids to adding rows by mistake. And if none of these templates are suitable for your project? No matter, you can always start a fresh document from a blank table or excel file.

Change Images easily

RowShare are considered your suggestions, We update the way to change Files and Images in your tables. With just a few clicks, you can view, download or add an image or any other File.

The multi-rows feature

Executing multiple tasks at the same time is now possible. Thanks to the new « multi-rows» feature, you will now be able to optimise your time and select as many rows from your table as you want. Then simply duplicate, assign or even delete them. To select multiple rows, just click on the check box that appears when you point your cursor on the user initials.

Instant notifications

Collaborative work requires transparency and reactivity. To this end, Rowshare keeps all users of the same table informed about changes by sending you email notifications. Several changes have been made regarding these notifications in order to unclog your mailbox and send only the notifications most pertinent to you. -You can choose to be notified only when there is a change to lines belonging to you. -When someone comments on a table you follow, the mail you receive will now specify this and not simply that a modification took place. -You will receive less notifications. For example, if someone creates a row and then changes it immediately, you will now receive just one notification instead of two.  

Get efficient help

Struggling with some of our features? Find all the help you need on our new help page. Enjoy our great selection of articles and tips to solve all your issues or answer your questions. Feel free to use the online chat to discuss with our experts. If the experts are offline, get in touch by email – we guarantee a response within 2 business days. Looking for more information? Access the help center on any page by clicking on the red question mark button in the lower left corner.   Plenty more updates are coming, so do not hesitate to share your thoughts, as well as any suggestions you might have, so that we can keep improving Rowshare together!