Any business strategy is vastly enhanced by positive media coverage. To keep track of the coverage, there are many online tools for PR that offer to monitor news stories containing your brand or your client’s. Once monitored, then what’s next? Share them with your client or within a company!

Monitor News and Collect Media Coverage Effortlessly

Why it’s important to monitor news? Whether you work in a Small Medium Business or a press relations agency, by keeping track of breaking news about your company or your client, you will stay updated on newsworthy topics our agency can leverage on behalf of your clients. To notify you about relevant topics, you can use free services such as Google Alerts. The other option is to pay one of the many tools available at different prices. Insert the various links you receive in Excel or PowerPoint. But how can you insert printed press articles into an Excel spreadsheet or a printed report into PowerPoint? What usually happens is that just when you’ve consolidated and shared your press reviews you discover a new article. And all you can do is send out a new file… And when your customer requests a hardcopy of his press coverage, generating the document can take some time. What’s more, dedicated software is not always user-friendly and using specific templates can also get a little complicated. So, what solution should you choose? Alternatively, I can show you how to do that with RowShare. You are going to love it!

Generate Press Review in One Click

What I’m offering is a RowShare table to monitor your media coverage. You can tailor it to best meet your requirements. You can also add more information at will, such as the name of the person interviewed or of the targeted product. RowShare adapts to every type of information that you choose to add – attachments, images, PDFs, filters – and the most recent articles will show at the top, so new articles will be immediately visible! RowShare makes working collaboratively with your colleagues, agency or customers much easier. Every time a change occurs in the table – a journalist’s name is changed, a new article is added or a new file inserted – the interested parties (manager, client) will be directly notified. And, if several people are working on the table, you can ask to be notified each time the table is edited. Speaking of collaborative work, everyone can work on the table at the same time without a problem. The trainee, the press agent and even your client can each add and edit items without hindering others’ work and having to send out the updated file again.

A document with our press coverage in 2 minutes flat, is that even possible?

“I only have two minutes left to create a document gathering all the media coverage in one place, how do I it?” You can create a PDF or Word document with all the press coverage at any time. Just imagine you’re creating a press review for the month of April 2016 for your client: create a simple table, collect all of the press coverage for that period and then just let RowShare do the rest by inserting all the articles automatically into your document. In just a few simple clicks, you’ll be able to create a personalized press review without having to copy and paste anything. If you need to create one, I’ve already done it for you. Discover it in the “Documents” section of my table. Now, RowShare is all yours to use to organize and share your press coverage within your company, with your agency or with your client.

Let’s create your press coverage table!

So, if you’d like to create your own press coverage table all you have to do is go through the following steps. I will walk you through account setup, copying my table, customizing it if necessary, and then you’ll be ready to use it.
  1. First of all, and if you don’t already have a RowShare account, you’ll need to sign up. It only takes a few seconds. Click here.
  2. You can access my table by clicking here
  3. Now, simply click on the “duplicate” button above the table.
  4. Then, click on the “settings’ icon to customize the title and the table’s description
  5. To add a new column, you have to press the “+” on top
  1. Specify the column type. Don’t worry, you just need to choose if this column will hold numbers, text, dates, email addresses. To learn more about Types, click here.
  2. As owner of the table, you can choose how visible the table is for everyone: read and write or only read. these authorizations will apply to all of your table’s users to whom you’ll send the link… except yourself, obviously. In this case, if you’re more than one to work on this table, prefer this following permissions. Click here to learn more about Permissions.
  1. Your table is ready to be shared! Send the link directly to the people you want by copying it directly from the browser.
  2. Once you’ve shared your table, RowShare will notify you of every modification.You can change the way you receive notifications at any time in the “My account” section, then “Notifications”. To learn more about notifications, let’s read this summary!
  3. Generate all documents you need from a Word file. How to do it? everything is said here. Remember, the media coverage document are already available by clicking on the “documents” icon above your table. Then free to modify them!
In short, RowShare is the right tool to manage your company’s or clients’ media coverage! With RowShare, sharing and collaborating between PR officers and their managers is easier. What’s more, with RowShare you can personalize your table at will and enter and read information efficiently thanks to column types and notifications, for example. RowShare also allows you to create a press review with all the media coverage over a precise period in just one click. So, are you convinced? Don’t waste time anymore, start creating your tables!