Whether it’s a simple after-work event, the big party for your company’s 10th anniversary or the inevitable trade fair, more often than not, organizing an event can cause lots of stress! To stack all the odds in your favor and make sure that the big day is a success, there are several tools available to make organizing an event easier. Let’s take a closer look!

As many tools as there are limitations

There are all kinds of dedicated event organization tools: online ticket shops, task and schedule managers as well as collaborative tools and online funds. On a day-to-day basis, how it works? We start with a to-do list that you write down in an Excel spreadsheet. Then we open multiple tabs in your web browser in order to manage registrations to your event, your schedule and perhaps even your team’s actions, all simultaneously. That’s a lot of tools, right? However, all-inclusive solutions do exist to help you manage your event from A to Z. So what’s the hitch? Well, they are usually quite expensive. What’s more, the tools available on the market won’t necessarily adapt to your way of organizing events. Concurrently, you need to draw up a list of attendees for the big day, the invitations, maybe the badges and proof of attendance… Some tools allow you to create these documents but it’s hard to personalize them 100%. Whatever tool you end up choosing, you’ll probably come up with some input errors: typos, capitalization issues for example. Not so great once you print out your badges. One last important point remains: how can you use the event data, in particular the list of participants? To insert it into your CRM and your newsletter’s mailing list? The reason I’m asking you these questions is that I have several answers for you.

RowShare: your customized event

For a successful event organization, RowShare offers a set of collaborative tables that will address all of the abovementioned issues.   Quick-and-Easy-Organization-for-Your-Professional-Events  

Everything is in the same place, you won’t spread yourself thin

RowShare helps you centralize all of the useful event information. Everything is in the same place from management of your organization team’s tasks to registration management, automatic generation of invitations, attendance lists, badges, proof of attendance… You’ll regain efficiency in a new collaborative way! The good thing about RowShare is that it adapts to your culture and not the other way around. Indeed, RowShare provides a template – a table which you can edit and add as many columns to as you need. Moreover, these columns adjust to your information: dates, images, hyperlinks, emails and even drop-down lists. RowShare makes entering, clarity and the sorting of information easier.

Personalized documents

With RowShare, designing invitations and even personalized badges is simple.That’s right, you can create documents directly from your event’s participants list! Your creative mind is your only limit, because all the documents you need can be edited with RowShare: registration confirmation, invitations, checklists, proof of attendance, badges… more good ideas, anyone?

Complementarity with Excel

To make collaborative work and data input easier, RowShare has joined forces with Excel. The “Excel Sync” feature allows you very easily to edit your participants list directly in Excel and quickly correct any typos or input issues. Then, It will then be easy to give the participants list to the reception staff in charge of checking people in at the door to your event, as well as to insert all of the email addresses of people registered into your CRM or your newsletter’s database. All you need to do is to click on “Export Excel” and directly export your file into your dedicated software. One last tip: you can also import an Excel spreadsheet directly into RowShare, which comes in really handy when sharing your table.

Your event now!

So, if you want a table to manage your list of participants, all you have to do is go through the following steps. I will walk you through account setup, copying my table, customizing it if necessary, and then you’ll be ready to use it.
  1. First of all, and if you don’t already have a RowShare account, you’ll need to sign up. It only takes a few seconds. Click here
  2. You can access my table by clicking here
  3. Now, simply click on the “duplicate” button above the table.
  4. Then, click on the “settings’ icon to customize the title and the table’s description
  5. To add a new column, you have to press the “+” on top
  6. Specify the column type. Don’t worry, you just need to choose if this column will hold numbers, text, dates, email addresses. To learn more about Types, click here.
  7. As owner of the table, you can choose how visible the table are for everyone: read and write or only read. these authorizations will apply to all of your table’s users to whom you’ll send the link… except yourself, obviously. You’ll always be able to edit everything; it’s your table. Here, you want participants to see only their rows.
  8. Click here to learn more about Permissions. So, prefer the following permissions:By the way, if you want everyone see everyone’s rows, you’ll prefer the following sharing rights: “can see the lines” and “can add and edit rows”
  9. Your table is ready to be shared! Send the link directly to the people you want by copying it directly from the browser.
  10. Once you’ve shared your table, RowShare will notify you of every modification.You can change the way you receive notifications at any time in the “My account” section, then “Notifications”. To learn more about notifications, let’s read this summary!
  11. Generate all documents you need from a Word file. How to do it? everything is said here. Remember, documents are already available by clicking on the “documents” icon above your table: boarding pass, badges, certificate of attendance, list of participants, … then free to modify them!
  12. To edit the list of participants from an Excel File, you can discover the Excel Sync Feautre then to add all your participants to your CRM or your sending list of you newsletter, just learn quickly how to use “Export”.
Finally, RowShare is great to organize your business event, a small or big one, it brings all you need in a one place! It allows you to organize your event in team and manage registrations. Then from an easy table, each participant can download his invitation and as organizer, you can generate badges and more. To conclude, thanks to its synergy with Excel, RowShare allows you to export informations from your table and edit them directly in Excel while being synchronized with RowShare! So, when is your next event?