Marketing is both a science and an art, thus strategy and creativity should be balanced. Especially in managing multiple tasks within your marketing team, which could be challenging sometimes. In a marketing team, a marketing director has to manage marketing strategies and lead marketing team, an SEO manager has to generate as many traffic as possible, a content marketer has to produce high-quality creative content, customer support has to assist customers in making correct use of a product or service, etc. With each marketing team member handling different tasks, efficient collaboration between team members is undoubtedly very important.

Collaborate Efficiently within Your Marketing Team

We can’t separate marketing with its strategies, action plans, and objective. Perhaps you have heard the expression, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” It is, therefore, necessary to have a clear strategy for your marketing project. Each marketing strategy can be broken down into specific action plans to meet your marketing team’s objective. These questions could be of help in defining your marketing action plan within your marketing team: 1. What- what will be done? 2. When-when will it be done? 3. Who-who is responsible for doing it? 4. How-how much should you budget for each task?

Your Action Now

To present your marketing action plan, you need a collaborative working space where you can share it in real-time within your team. How you choose your working space is also an important factor that determines its success. Excel and spreadsheet might work just well, but make sure that you and your marketing team can update and follow up on the actions. With RowShare’s Marketing Action Plan table, you have all the answers! 1. What will be done? List all marketing tasks that need to be done in a Task column. 2. When will it be done? Set a deadline for each task to be achieved in a Deadline column. 3. Who is responsible for doing it? Set an assignee for each task by assigning a row to your team member in an Owner column. 4. How much should you budget for each task? Set a budget and create a Budget    RowShare’s Marketing Action Plan table allows you to collaborate efficiently with your marketing team. Managing your marketing action plan within your team becomes easier and more effective. You are able to oversee your monthly completed, ongoing and upcoming marketing task.