You’ve found the right candidate and boom! They’ve even signed on. You rifle through your files for a bit and discover in your notes you took on the initial telephone call two other serious offers for your candidate. You completely forgot about this information. How can you optimize the monitoring of your recruitment? Without getting things organized ahead of your initial contact, some of this precious information gathered may get lost, to the great displeasure of your hiring manager. Losing this information, which is sometimes laborious to obtain, means wasting time. How can you optimize the hiring process for your candidates? How do you use progress reports to follow up on the steps of the hiring process?

A progress table for candidate hiring accessible to anyone

Making use of a collaborative tool isn’t a luxury when you’re recruiting! It can centralize all the information you gather in real time from the candidates you contact. Whether they are in the recruitment process or are about to be, candidates represent the recruiting pool for hiring managers. If they are shared in a candidate recruitment progress table, elements specific to every candidate are accessible to the entire hiring team. All key contacts in the process, from the hiring manager to the staff manager, will have access to this collaborative tool. Every employee will be able to add or edit these elements. Notifications can then help with optimal management. Moreover, higher-ups will be reassured since all of the elements are systematically archived in the table even if there is turnover in the team. Access rights for this information are granted with a simple assignment procedure. Are you looking for the best system to monitor your candidates? You’ve found it here!

A recruitment tool to boost HR efficiency

This way, everything is listed within a single progress table designed like an HR dashboard: current recruitment operations, past actions (candidates already contacted, reminders to be sent, etc.), plus data about the candidates (CVs, identification sources, contact info, etc.). The recruitment progress table will help you know which candidates are being monitored by your employees and which step in the recruitment process they are in. The collaborative tool highlights every progress report in order to monitor recruitment. At a glance, managers can assess their team’s activities. This recruitment management tool also serves as an effective analysis tool that centralizes all KPIs relating to this activity. That way, the recruitment team can see, for example, whether candidates who are strongly attentive to the market are from the same business sector or from the same company. At a given moment, it may be wiser to approach employees from a certain company. This way, the nuggets of information gathered will provide crucial indications about market trends. Identifying the right candidates is not an easy job, nor is recruiting them. RowShare lets recruitment teams collaborate optimally in their hunt for talent. By using easy-to-use, shareable collaborative tables, you can narrow down the profile of your ideal candidate as much as you want by comparing all the information gathered. Whether you have ten or a hundred candidates down the pike, RowShare proposes a tool to fit your needs. Try out your recruitment monitoring tool now!