Managing your sports club or association requires leadership skills. Even if your association does not seek profit, you still need to manage everyday challenges in logistics, finance, administration, and staff management. Every year sports associations must renew their members and welcome new ones. Without rigorous registration and legal management (particularly validation of certificates), the staff risks being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of administrative documents. What are the benefits of member list management? How can you efficiently optimize the management of your members?

Benefits of Monitoring Your Membership Mist in Real-time

Monitoring your membership lists in real-time will make the registration of new members easier. A collaborative table can benefit you and your staff, with: • fast implementation • the capability of sharing a table with multiple people • access rights tailored to each user (including permission to view or edit) • the ability to attach documents • the ability to set up alerts via e-mail notifications Because you can set specific access rights, the confidentiality of your members’ information is preserved. And with a collaborative table, it is easier to track annual membership payments. Access to members’ e-mails can enable your sports association to maintain more effective general communication, as well. A collaborative table like RowShare is a perfect tool for the management of your sports club. The table may include the information of active members and keeping in touch with inactive members of your association. Use this template to optimize administrative management of your sport club

A Few Rules About Your Members’ Personal Data

First, you need to have permission from your members to collect their personal data. Please note that they have the right to view and edit their own data. Second, depending on your association, you must report the database to the National Commission on Informatics and Liberty (NCIL). This rule is related to inactive users: upon their request, their personal data must be deleted. You can include the following information in your collaborative table:• Member number • Sport type • Full name • Birthday • Address • Phone number and e-mail • Photo • Membership amount • Payment method • Payment date • Passport or ID card • Certificate (to be attached) • Start date of a valid certificate • End date of a valid certificate (notification to be received 1 month before expiration date) Good administrative management of your sports club will help you to ensure that member certificates are up to date and valid. Make your work easier with the collaborative tables of Rowshare!