Due to a lack of time and budget, the methods used can be slightly archaic

And we can thank our faithful Excel and Word for managing most of the documents. They may seem efficient because we’re familiar with them, but they are not always our best allies. Sharing and saving operations can easily get out of hand, especially when several administrators are working on a document. On top of that, the market is saturated with managing tools for nonprofits. Choice is not an issue here. But between the tools available for a fee after a trial period and those that are anything but user-friendly, at the end of the day there is not that much choice left.  No wonder many nonprofits just make do with basic software or a notepad, even if it means going through a lot of tasks manually.

Outdoing but not surpassing

As not everyone is a computer geek, RowShare caters to IT buffs as well as to novices.It’s quick and easy. That’s right, nonprofit 2.0 is right around the corner! No more endless collection of information; medical certificates all over the place; checks collected here and there. Now everything is in one place and accessible to all. Paper and digital documents alike. Each board member can work on the same document without jeopardizing other people’s or members’ work.

A one-stop shop for all?

How’s that? Can a member fill in their own details in my table? Of course, now you can delegate the collection of members’ information to the members themselves. Member or nonprofit regular, everyone will have access to the same table, but not to the same information. Mr. Martin, who accesses the table to sign up for the swimming class and add his medical certificate and ID photo, will only be able to see his own details.Board members, however, will have access to the full information in the table and to all of the members’ details. This ensure everyone’s private data remain that way. A time saver for everyone that will put an end to repeated data entry errors.

A nice document mix

In order to manage the variety of data processed, the site helps you sort out each piece of information: whether you need a date, a photo or an email address, RowShare helps members enter the right information, while keeping them from entering anything else. An availability checklist? That can also be done. The bonus is that some information or documents can be made mandatory:really handy to avoid having to chase after info.

Marty!! They’ve invented a document-generating machine!

You dreamed it, RowShare did it. By creating or using a document template, you can generate membership cards as well as information sheets, or even certificates for each member from the collected data.Create all of these documents with just one click.

Faster than a sportscaster

For each event (registration, answer…) on your table, RowShare will send you a personalized email. Real-time notifications to always stay on track.


Don’t worry, if you needto update your members list.Thanks to RowShare, you won’t have to start from scratch again to create a membership table. All you need to dois import your current Excel file into RowShare. Otherwise, you can use my example or build your own and have members fill it out. Do you swear by Excel’s pivot tables, filters or graphs? No worries, you can check and even edit RowShare tables…directly in Excel with the Excel Sync feature.

Let us guide you, you’ll see, it’s easy

Final Sprint. I’m going to show you how manage your association. I will walk you through account setup, copying my table, customizing it if necessary, and then you’ll be ready to use it.
    1. Access to my table to create your own from my template. However, If you already have an Excel file, you can import it by following these steps. You can also export this file by using this feature. Then, click on the « Settings » icon to customize the title and the table’s description.
    2. To add a new column, you have to press the « + » on top.
    3. Specify the column type. Don’t worry, you just need to choose if the column will hold numbers, text, dates, email addresses. To learn more about Types, click here.
    4. As owner of the table, you can choose how visible the table are for everyone: read and write or only read. These authorizations will apply to all of your table’s users to whom you’ll send the link… except yourself, obviously. Click here to learn more about Permissions. In our situation, when people can only add or edit their rows, prefer this following right:Each administrator of your association can also have access to all information, just add their emails to the “Members” tab by clicking on the “Share” icon, as explained here.
    5. If you want to edit your table directly in Excel, discover the Excel Sync feature.
    6. Your table is ready to be shared! Send the link directly to the people you want by copying it directly from the browser.
    7. Once you’ve shared your table, RowShare will notify you of every modification.You can change the way you receive notifications at any time in the “My account” section, then “Notifications”. To learn more about notifications, let’s read this summary!
    8. Generate all documents you need from a Word file. How to do it? everything is said here.
By now you know that RowShare is a user-friendly site that allows you to manage all of your nonprofit’s administration for free. Whether you need to manage schedules, subscriptions, events, bulk orders or even monitor individual performances, the site is here to help! RowShare even offers a catalog of table templates for your convenience. So why not adopt RowShare?