Office equipment, particularly electronic hardware, is indispensable to all companies, and the department that handles it your company’s inventory of equipment must manage it diligently to maintain the best working environment for employees. Employee requests for new, replacement, and upgraded equipment are a fact of life in business. Thinking about how to manage these requests in the most efficient way?

Equipment Requests: Benefits of Optimized Management

Good management of purchased, leased, and returned business equipment not only saves time but also reduces accounting errors. Indeed, growing companies need more staff and one result is that they need more equipment. The large number of inputs and outputs often result in costly losses or discrepancies in inventories. In addition, renewal periods for leased or borrowed electronic hardware must be managed with great attention. The department that manages this process must also be able to adapt to the needs of employees, particularly in the context of their professional development. Depending on their promotion within the company, some may need a tablet or a laptop in addition to their usual equipment. A well-equipped employee is an employee satisfied with the working conditions and well equipped to perform the job. Providing the right equipment to the right employee efficiently is also a way for the company to demonstrate its trademark and the quality level of its brand.

Requests for Centralized Equipment within a Shared Tool

Requests for this type of hardware can be easily centralized within a table shared by the members of the department that manages equipment. Managers can be given access to the table as well, to validate requests before equipment is allocated to their team. Use this table to manage office equipment requests efficiently Your shared collaborative table may contain the following information:
  • Requester
  • Request Date
  • Hardware (phone, PC, laptop)
  • Brand (Apple, Samsung)
  • Description: model, memory, color (iPhone X 64 Go Grey, MacBook Pro 13″ Silver)
  • Price
  • Link (URL)
  • Photo
  • Validated or not (by the manager)
  • Processed or not (by the administrator)
  • Delivery date (by the administrator)
  • Comments
In addition, you can attach documents within the shared table. This feature can be used to attach a certificate documenting that a piece of equipment has been borrowed or returned. Good management of your employees’ equipment requests maintains and enhances the reputation of the company, both internally and externally. It also helps you keep your inventory records up to date and equipment costs under control. Get started now!