Whether you own an income property, manage a sales team, or work as a contractor, your job involves regularly generating client contracts. The classic approach is time-consuming—exchange emails until you have all the correct information, then find all of those details and manually input them into a Word document. With RowShare, collecting data and quickly creating personalized documents is simple.

Collecting administrative data

Suppose you own a vacation property—drafting a new lease for each tenant can be tedious. The first step to streamlining the process is to create a collaborative RowShare table to store tenant details. Creating-contracts-from-a-Word-template Start by duplicating the table template above and personalizing it as needed. Next, adjust the table permissions and invite guests to fill out their own rows. There are two ways to do this:
  • share a link directly to the table
  • share a link to the form view of the table
These links are available under the Share tab in the action bar above the table. While you’re there, don’t forget to set permissions that allow guests to view only the rows they create. From this page, you can also set a limit of one row per guest. With these settings, all of your tenant details are stored in one place, but guests can view only the information they submit. The mobile-responsive design of the form view makes collection easy from any device. Consider this when sharing links to your table! Now, all that’s left is to link a contract template to your table and start generating your vacation rental agreements.

Creating a document template

Effortlessly generating contracts starts with a simple contract template in Word. You can use your own or download and personalize an existing template you find online. Once you have your template, insert tags to refer to the columns in your table: {{column name}}. For example, make sure that each renter’s name appears in the right place  by inserting the tags {{First Name}} {{Last Name}}. Remember that the description inside the braces must match the column title in your table.

Now for our magic trick. Upload your template to the Documents tab of your table, then select Create to launch the document generator. RowShare will automatically produce a PDF contract for each row of your table.

Have we piqued your interest? Visit our help page to learn more about document generation with RowShare.