Do you always have to copy your document templates everytime you need them? Perhaps you do this to create your invoices. Do you reuse your last invoice template to insert information of clients, products, prices, payment condition, etc, while crossing your fingers not to make any mistakes or not to forget anything, and at the same time complaining against the time wasted? Worry no more! With the help of RowShare Document generation, you can generate a custom invoice for each client from your invoice template. In this article, we will guide you to create simple invoices which consist of one item.

Single Item Invoice

To create a single item invoice, firstly, we need a table and we will name it Simple billing. From this link you can create your own table. Each row of this table represents one invoice for one item. This table is composed of: – Contacts of companies to be invoiced – Information of invoice: invoice number, contact person.. – Information of purchased article: name, quantity, price To start, we have prepared an invoice template which you can adjust according to your needs. Our invoice template is linked to this table. Click on the “Documents” icon above the table, then click on the “Document Template”, and you can download it from here. To use this document, you need to make several modifications: add your company logo and add your company information. Upload your modified invoice template, and click on GENERATE to see the result. Finally, for each invoice you want to create, add a row to your RowShare table. To generate the corresponding invoice, click on the icon on the left of the desired row, then click on “Generate report”, pick your modified template, then click on the GENERATE button. Done! Your invoice is ready on Generated Documents page. Don’t hesitate if you want to add or delete columns in this table. If for example you add a “Company Address – Country” column to specify the country of your customers, simply add {{Company Address – Country}} anywhere you want the country to appear on your invoice template. For more information, refer to RowShare Help section.