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Table for calculating sales margins and costs

Calculating the Margin: Performance Indicator

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Assignment and Management of Access Rights

Each salesperson fills in the figures for their assigned project and does not see the rows of the other salespeople. Only the owner of the table has a consolidated view of all the figures of his collaborators.

Margin Calculation Column

The expected margin is automatically calculated as well as the actual margin and these columns can be locked so no one but you can change them.


The salesman has the possibility to put a comment to explain the margin he generated directly on the row concerned.

Use this template to calculate sales margins

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Understanding the Expected Margin Rate

Margin rate is an indicator of profitability. It shows how much money you will actually make on the sale of a project, item, product or service compared to the price you originally paid for it. Calculating this rate will be essential in the implementation of your commercial strategy. It allows you to see at what price to sell your services or products to generate an interesting margin. The calculation of the commercial margin is essential to help you do this. This key indicator allows you to assess the potential and profitability of your projects. It corresponds to the difference between the selling price and their purchase cost.

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