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How to Create a Contact List

Find All Your Repertoire on a Single Table

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Generating Documents

Automatically generate business cards in vCard format with your contact information contained in the columns of the table.

Set up reminders

An email will automatically be sent to you on the requested date to remind you the action to be taken with the contact concerned.


Store photos of your contacts to identify them more easily.

Use this template to list your contacts

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Manage Your Business Contacts

With this table template, you will be able to consolidate in a single list all your professional contacts, whether your team or your external contacts. Each of your contacts will be classified and represented by means of an individual card, on which it will be possible to specify all the details and information concerning it (telephone, email, address and personal or professional contact information, etc.) and to include photos and documents if necessary. RowShare is provided with a functional interface, which will include a “search function”, to easily find a contact according to a given parameter.

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