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In the fields of finance and accounting, data collection and capture activities are cumbersome. RowShare helps lighten these tasks’ burden by quickly providing you with the relevant information you need to perform actions that have higher value added: monitoring, analysis, forecasting, simulation, planning consolidation, as well as sharing and generating documents.

Once you’ve found the table or survey template(s) that suit you, you can customize them to reflect your company’s image to ensure that they fully meet your needs, and find them in your business account.

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Discover All Tables for Finance & Accounting:

Budget Management

This table allows you to easily coordinate all stakeholders to define your company’s budget for the year.

Financial Monitoring Table

Centralize all your employee information in a single table.

Management of Supplier Contracts

This table allows you to always keep an eye on your active contracts with suppliers and renewal dates.

Depreciation Schedule

Monitoring of the company’s fixed assets: this table identifies the company’s fixed assets

Stock Monitoring

This table has been created to make the inventory and valuation of the stock for a closing account.

Consolidation of Indicators 

The purpose of this table is to track key financial indicators for different business units.

Supplier Invoices

This table allows the collect and validation of all the company’s supplier invoices.

Accounting Management

This table allows you to store all your accounting documents, and thus facilitate your exchanges.

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