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The organization of remote work for companies

This Template for the implementation of remote working

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Collaborative remote working

Everyone can work on the latest version of the data. Each person decides whether they want to be notified of changes or not

It makes it easy to access centralized data

You can add your documents, images or comments directly to spreadsheets.

It guarantees data security

You don’t have to share an entire spreadsheet. You can share only certain lines or columns.

Company verification for online working Free Trial

Maintaining collaboration in remote work conditions

Remote work can be imposed in “exceptional circumstances”, in particular when there’s a threat of epidemic, or in cases of force majeure. It can be considered as a job modification required to ensure continuity of the company’s activity and protect employee safety.

Online tools for collaboration allow employees to continue working together by ensuring the management and monitoring of various team projects. They can also help companies improve productivity by significantly speeding up processes. Thanks to direct online access, information can be shared among all the relevant people, and is available at any time, from anywhere. There is a large range of tools available, and it is constantly growing: spreadsheets, data storage hosts, database tools, specialized enterprise software. Companies are progressing in these areas, but need to do so carefully because not all tools don’t have the same characteristics.

Collaborative spreadsheets allow companies to meet the challenges of remote work

RowShare proposes several differences with traditional spreadsheet software that allow simplified remote collaboration.

RowShare is very simple, and it is easier to learn it than traditional software spreadsheets. It is also very easy to customize than specialized enterprise software. Based on shared spreadsheets, RowShare offers a simple and secure way to collect and centralize information. RowShare allows you to optimize organization within a team by adapting to the needs of each project or profession. It’s clear, the use of collaboration technologies offers many benefits, even in times of crisis. They can allow for a better feeling of collaboration among employees. Paradoxically, distance can bring people together! Team members have a greater feeling of solidarity and focus on the values and ambitions that connect them within the company.

Use templates to easily create your spreadsheets

In the specific case of working from home, the following types of spreadsheet templates are proposed: • Manage and monitor tasks within the team. • Information sharing in regards to each employee makes it easy to decide or check if a person is working remotely, has the necessary equipment, is able to carry out the task, or potentially on operational lay-off. • A childcare pool among members of the same company, because cooperation can be a crucial aide in times of crisis.

Our clients talk about Rowshare
  • “The most important thing that resolved us to use Rowshare was in one hand, the easiness of use and in the other hand the simple way to handle permissions and groups of users, something that was a must for us.”

  • ” In addition to saving time and improving the quality of our business information, RowShare brings peace of mind to our partners and enhances our business relationship with them. You can’t put a price on that!”

  • “We tried Excel, Google Sheets and Airtable, but they didn’t do the job with regards to letting users see only a part of the table while we see everything. Only RowShare could do that.”

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